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The Vortex is calling you

“The Vortex is calling you in a powerful way because it is the most powerful point of attraction that you have. It existed before you were born, and you’ve added to it ever since. The Well-Being of that Vortex is calling you and calling you and calling you and calling[…] Read More →

Stay in character

“If you want to stay in character, what you see cannot bring you down. If it doesn’t bring you down, it MUST bring them up.” ~Abraham Hicks, September 28, 2013 Stamford, CT

Allow what is in your Vortex

¨It’s time for you to begin allowing yourself to BE, and DO, and HAVE! HAVE! Do you hear us? It is time for you to allow the manifestations to be, all that are in your Vortex already. It’s time for you to be the co-operative component. And we think that[…] Read More →

You want freedom

“Just like the wild beasts, you want your own autonomy. You want freedom. You want freedom from negative emotion. You want freedom from somebody telling you what to do. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, what all of you want is a sense of Well-being” Abraham Hicks,[…] Read More →

Well-being stream

“This Stream of Well-being comes to you. Now you can let it in or not. But there is one Stream and it’s coming to you. So if you are living something less than a vital, exuberant, abundant life is not because you have chosen a different path, is because you[…] Read More →