Emotional Journey


“There are so many circumstances and events that you try to change, which you have no power to change. But when you understand that instead of trying to take that long, slow, convoluted, very hard, very difficult, very tedious Action Journey, if you would decide to take an Emotional Journey… And let us tell you what the Emotional Journey involves: “I’ve got to go from worry to hope.” That’s it! “I just have to talk to myself, right here, right now, so that I feel a little more hopeful and a little less worried.” And do you know that you could do it in a minute? And then you could do it in another minute, and another minute. And you could train yourself in less than a day, certainly in less than thirty days, to have hope instead of worry—and then the Universe will give you the job, or the money, or the resources, or the avenue, or the avalanche, or the endless circumstances and events that will flood dollars into your experience. You do not have to do those things that others have taught you that you need to do because they thought they needed you to do them, so that they could feel good.
The Emotional Journey says, “I’ve got to go from worry to hope. I’ve got to go from despair maybe, maybe fear, maybe to anger, to frustration, to overwhelment, to hope.” We’re not saying that you can jump from fear to hope in one fell swoop. But we are saying to you, that’s the journey.”
Abraham Hicks
Boston, MA 10/02/2004

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