Enlist the help of non-physical energies


“If a person’s momentum is: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore
If a person’s momentum is : somebody needs to do something about this and I don’t like the way it’s going
and you lay over that momentum appreciation and wellbeing, can’t you see how what you’re adding to it is going to slow that momentum.

As you hold that person as your object of attention, while you find your center and all of the resources of all of that, it’s like holding a meeting with the cadre of nonphysical helpers who can inspire a thought or deliver a message or cause a rendezvous point. In other words, when you hold that person as your object of attention all kinds of things are going to occur to fill in that grid for that person that you’ve established.
When you make a grid about another person and you enlist all of that nonphysical help as you’re doing it, all kinds of circumstances and events begin occurring and you don’t even have to have a conversation with that person, because the circumstances that begin occurring to them bring them the awareness that things are really okay.
Would you like to help your congressmen?
Would you like to help your president?
Would you like to help your world economy?
You have the ability to enlist the help of nonphysical energies all of whom are focused with you on this leading edge. It takes so FEW of you to focus in LOVE to open a vortex big enough to allow circumstances and events to shift.”

Abraham Hicks, Albuquerque 3/10/2012

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