I feel good about my body



“I have such a good body,
My body represents my focal point in this world
So nice to have this body
So much, Source Energy adoring focusing through my body


I love how Source loves my body
I love the communication that Source has with my cells
I love the understanding that my cells have
I love that my work is just to be easy about it
And get out of the way of it
And follow my natural impulses


When your body feels as good as it feels right now
This is a lovely state of physical being-ness
A lovely state of physical being-ness
Everybody knowing what to do
All the cells communicating and knowing what to do
I can say it better
I’ve been making a too big of a thing out of this
I’ve been trying too hard about all of this
I’ve been approaching this from a reactionary standpoint instead from an inside out standpoint
I believe in the intelligence of my body and the intelligence of my cells
And there are a lot of things that I accept that there are in my Vortex
A whole other things: cars, relationships, dollars, money, abundance of all manner, friendships, physical conditions, clothing, jewelry
There are all kinds of things
There are all kinds of things: physical well-being, stamina, enthusiasm for life
All kind of things in my Vortex that one as easily as the other is going ti be realized by me
And one’s not different from the other
The food isn’t different from anything else
Nothing is different from anything else
It’s just my perspective of it
I set up the conditions that make it more difficult or more easy, you see…”

Abraham Hicks, Los Angeles, February 22nd, 2014

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