Feeling good is feeling good


“Feeling good is feeling good
Feeling good is somehow, someway feeling good
The ultimate feeling good is feeling like the Source within you feels right now about the same thing that you’re thinking about, because in every moment Source is thinking about what you’re thinking about right now while you’re thinking about it and feeling good is thinking about it like Source is thinking about it.
(…) Source knows the perfection of where you stand and unless you know that then you don’t feel so good. You just have to keep talking yourself into alignment. That’s the work. That’s the allowing. You cued that question up better than it’s ever been cued up. You said: “So I get it that I’m asking and that Source’s answering and that my work is to putting myself in the mode of receiving. How do I do that? you say.
You do that by wanting to feel good and being willing to adjust your thought to something that does feel good no matter how far from the subject at hand the thought has to be in order to not wobble.”

Abraham Hicks, Chicago IL 06/14/14

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