Finding prosperity vibration – Part 1



GUEST: Okay, prosperity. We talked about prosperity yesterday. I know I’m on my way to great prosperity, I just know that.
Abraham: Alright. We are going to play together. So if you know that you are on your way, then you also know you’re not there.


Abraham: Is there a wobble in that?

(…audience laughter…)

Abraham: So, isn’t that interesting. You wouldn’t have been able to perceive the out of balance of that just a little while ago, but now you get the imbalance of that. So what can you say, how general do you have to be to step back from the wobble? That’s the work.

GUEST: I feel prosperous, I feel very prosperous sometimes.

Abraham: Yeah…That’s alright though, that’s alright, that’s alright. There was no wobble in that statement, in other words, she wasn’t contradicting herself in that statement.
“Often I feel prosperous” there’s no wobble in that statement. “Often I feel prosperous” there’s no wobble.

GUEST: “Often I feel prosperous”,
I sometimes feel money doesn’t have to do with money.
It’s about a vibration.

Abraham: Good, that’s good

GUEST: The happier I feel…sometimes I feel so happy that I feel so rich.

Abraham: So is there a richness or prosperity in alignment?


Abraham: There’s a richness or a prosperity in wisdom? There’s a richness or a prosperity in vitality and clarity? I feel rich with clarity? If that’s true, if you’re confused all the time, don’t say that… you wobble. Don’t say what you don’t mean. Here, let’s say this “WHEN YOU SAY WHAT YOU DON’T MEAN, YOU WOBBLE”
So, figure out what you mean that feels that has no wobble and say that a lot. Affirm in a wobble free zone. (…laughter…) And don’t affirm to stop the wobble. “I can do this, I can do this, I know that I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I know I can make this happen, I can make this happen” . That’s just asking for it. (…audience laughter…) Yeah…

Guest: “I have a lot of money flowing to me”

Abraham: Alright, now you may wobble a little…why don’t you get off the subject of money?

Guest: Yeah…because that’s where I always get stuck. I have a lot of money flowing to me and I don’t even count. I… you know… pay for things, I don’t want to know because I know there so much coming and there and….

Abraham: Now wait, now wait. We don’t think that’s a good idea. We don’t think that’s a good idea to be oblivious to where you are. What if you’re out of balance and you don’t know where you are? Really, do you not want to know where you are financially, so you’re just spending putting it on your credit card until there is a wobble so big that you can’t overcome it? Is that a good idea? That’s taking wobble into action that wobbles more. So, we don’t think ignorance or being oblivious to… we are not asking you to ignore, we are asking you to focus generally enough that you can find stability on the subject.

Guest: How this all happened is… You know, with the thought…like, if I want this then I have to start feeling like this, so if I want to be rich, I have to start feeling or acting as if I were rich. That was where I started.

Abraham: Here is a question that we have. Because we know, we’ve been talking about that, we’ve been talking with you for a long time about that, we’ve been watching you dabble of that with not very much success with that. And this is the reason you have not been having very much success with that. You can’t overcome how you really feel with the words. And so it really is necessary that you find something that you do feel prosperity about and that you rest with it, that you own it and that you then trust the Law of Attraction and it will, will amplify it and make it more. So, start with something that is for sure steady and stable on this subject.

Guest: I have no idea at the moment.

Abraham: Yeah you do.

Guest: I feel at ease. No…

Abraham: Alright, it’s alright. That’s what you do, you just keep feeling around…
In the early days when we’ve been talking about focus wheel, we talked about how we’ve seen the merry go round and the playground and the kids who got it going really fast and you want to get on, so you try to get on but it’s going too fast and it just spins you off in the bushes…well, that’s what happens when you’re trying to jump onto something that you’re not up to speed with. So, you just feel that you don’t stick. So, the idea is to just slow it down enough that you get on and then once you’re on the Law of Attraction will speed it up. And when Law of Attraction speeds it up then you have access to all kind of things that are higher frequency. So, the key is to just not try to jump in so hard or so fast. So you’re reaching for something that you already believe. That’s a good way of saying it, something that you believe or something that already feels resonance with Source on the subject of prosperity. Now it could be that you want to leave the subject altogether, but we think you have the ability to find some feeling of prosperity, some basic feeling of prosperity within you.

Guest: I feel the most prosperous when I’m happy. I feel prosperity in happiness and in lightness.

Abraham: Our friend earlier said “I believe in Law of Attraction”. Do you? Do you trust that Law of Attraction is consistent?

Guest: Yes

Abraham: “I like how Law of Attraction shows me how I’m doing
One of my favorite things is improved life which helps me to understand that I’ve got improved vibration,
I just love that,
I love knowing that there’s always going to be something else for me,
And I’ve made peace, I’ve made peace”

Have you? This is an important question

“I’ve made peace with my eternal nature,
I accept that there will always be more for me,

Feel how that’s softer rather than I have made peace?

“I am making peace with the gap because I understand that there will always be a reason for it to move out there a little,
So, I like that I’m always closing the gap,
I like me,
I like that I always know this,
I like that I attracted this,
I like that I understand this,
I like that this makes sense to me,
I like that I have emotions,
I like that my Inner Being is thinking about the things that I am thinking about,
I like that I have emotions that let me know when I am completely resonant with my thought with the thought my Source is having about that,
I like training myself into the frequency of Source,
I like training myself into the frequency of clarity,
I like training myself into the frequency of happiness,
I like training myself into the frequency of abundance”

Now, going about it like that, there wasn’t a bump, there wasn’t a wobble. Did you feel any wobble there?

“I like training myself into the frequency of abundance,
It’s going to be fun watching this unfold,
I can feel that I’m shifting,
I’ve watched myself steadily improve,
I’ve watched the evidence steadily improve,
I see other people,
I know that we all have the same amount of hours in a day,
We all have the same relationship with Source Energy and that the stream is flowing to all of us,
And so, I get it that I get to consciously establish how much of that stream I allow to flow into my experience,
I just love that,
I love that I can’t get it wrong,
I love that there are no misses,
I love that anyway it goes in any moment in time is knowledge for me,
Knowing what I know makes it impossible for me to misunderstand what’s happening,
I can see the correlation between how I’ve been feeling about this and that,
And how this and that is turning out,
There’s never a surprise for me,
These days I never feel out of control about anything because I get it,
I get it, I sometimes recognize I’m not doing as well as I could”

Now, is there a wobble in that statement in these conditions? We don’t think so.

“Sometimes I don’t do as well as I could do,
But I’m doing better all the time”

That clears up the wobble, doesn’t it?

“I’m doing better all the time,
I’m getting better and better and better at this,
I love being good at this,
I love the evidence of this,
I love knowing that I can take a subject like prosperity, like money and that I can clean up my vibration,
That I am cleaning up my vibration,
That I HAVE shifted my vibration,
I am standing in anticipation of the evidence of this improvement vibration,
I’ve done it deliberately and when it flows, oh, the satisfaction factor is so great,
It’s not just about the money, oh; don’t get me wrong I love the money,
I love the freedom that the money provides,
But what I really like is getting a handle on all of this, being in control of my own vibration,
Talking myself into vibrational alignment”

Guest: Can I? I have something that I am stuck.

Abraham: Yes, Yes, Yes?

Abraham: Is it boring when is that general?

Audience: No
Guest: No

Abraham: Or are you feeling for the wobble? Are you feeling for it? Are you getting what we are talking about? Do this for just a little while and watch what happens in your experience. You’ll start waking up feeling better, things that haven’t been working out will begin to work out, dollars will begin to flow in from places that you didn’t even know that they were there, all kinds of direct evidence to the subject of financial prosperity will reveal itself to you, wrong words, it’s not that it’s revealing itself to you because it’s right there revealing itself to you all the time but you will realize, you will recognize the path, you will be right there , you’ll meet up with it.


Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun LANDCRUISE 2014

Copyright by Esther Hicks

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