Finding prosperity vibration – Part 2



Guest: You know, what happens… I feel prosperous, happy and I’m like…ohhh…yeah… I’m in there and I’m good and it’s, everything’s good and …

Abraham: To what point?

Guest: And then I see a price, which is like woo hoo…and I go like: “I shouldn’t feel like this if I feel very prosperous” and then I get in there and I can’t get out of that. It’s the same with the morning, with the morning…

Abraham: So the price point made you wobble?

Guest: Yeah, so it feels off to get that for that price. So then I just have to be there, right?… That’s ok … for it to feel off…

Abraham: It’d better be okay because you can’t do anything about it. (…audience laughter…) You are where you are…in other words, the sky is not going to fall and we are not going to cut you off the conversation.

Guest: But the thought is then that I should feel different, but I don’t.

Abraham: That’s really the thing we’ve been talking about. So the price made you wobble and then you beat up on yourself because you’re wobbling and now you’re really wobbling and now you’re not where you want to be. And so, let’s start there, let’s step back from that, let’s step back from that….so, let’s start at a wobble free place about beating up on yourself.

Guest: Okay

Abraham: I was born into contrast, I accept that the contrast is a good thing,I was born with a guidance system,I’m really good at sensing where I am,I like feeling my emotions; they help me know what I’m emitting,My emotions tell me what I’m doing with my point of attraction,I really like what I’m doing with my point of attraction,I like my point of attraction,I like knowing that I’m emitting a signal and that Law of Attraction is responding to,I really like that,I like offering a vibration and I like offering a vibration on purpose,I’m good at that”

We are repeating, we know…

“I’m good at this and when I feel a little off-ness that’s a wonderful thing and I’m getting better and better at feeling it earlier and earlier, I’m tending to the wobble earlier so that I’m getting more momentum going, So, I’m doing really good, I feel really good, I feel really good about myself and my relationship with my guidance system and how things are going in general. And I’m really feeling good about prosperity, I can really feel I’ve got it managed, I can just feel it. But there’s this thing that happens to me where I see something that in my opinion is outrageously priced, it doesn’t seem that anyone should be charging so much for that, I actually feel discord when I see that, I feel discord when I see that and now I’m mad at myself for feeling discord. Well no, not so much. That discord is showing me that there’s some imbalance, What is the imbalance? Well, I’m feeling some judgment about what other people charge or I’m feeling some lack about how much I am able to attract into my experience, I want to do something about that, I’m looking forward to reaching the point that I can see something that I formerly thought was outrageously priced and I can say: “Well it’s supply and demand and clearly there must be enough people that can afford that that there it is priced like that in this place,So there must be plenty of people who have found that prosperity, who have found that balance, I don’t have to figure out how they found it, It really is soothing to me that they found it,I really love economy, I really love creation, I really love manufacturing, I really love how this world goes round, I really love that there are creative artists, I really love that there are people that sell things, I really love all of the people that are involved in the process, I really love the win-win, I really love economics, I love spending money, I love adding into the economy, I love knowing that money flows in and out I love money flowing in and out to the degree a desire it and allow it, I love knowing that I can be a personal economic boom to civilization, I love dollars flowing through me, I love recognizing the talent of others, I love rewarding others for their talent, I love that they think enough of what they have created that they are putting the big price tag on it because it means it’s meaningful to them in a really big way and the likelihood of it being meaningful to me in a really big way when it’s meaningful to them in a really big way, I like to rendezvous with the most magnificent of creators, I don’t want to buy things that people think so little of, that they put a very low value on. And so, I have very low value for it, And so, I buy this thing of very low value, That is not resonant with me, I love feeling the bigness of it, I love knowing everything that went into it, I love the wholeness of the economy, I believe the economy is what makes the world go round because it is tied to the selfish personal interest of all the people who were involved in it, Economics is just my favorite thing, I really got my juices going relative to the subject of economics, I’m so proud of so many people that are out there finding their way, And clearly, these people have found their way, Look where this is placed, and look how it is priced and look what it is, Oh, I’m so looking forward to the day that that easily fits into my experience, where I see and feel the perfect resonance of it and I am the market that they are reaching for because the prosperity of the world has flowed to me with such abundance that I don’t have to give thought to anything like that. If it appeals to me vibrationally, it appeals to me in any way,I love contributing to the world in this way.”

(…audience cheers and applause …) You just shifted a whole lot of stuff out of your vibrational frequency relative to that. In other words, you are not the same relative to the subject of money. You laid new pipes…yeah.(…audience applause…)

Guest: I just wanted to say, where did we start, that that’s exactly not the point where I started.

Abraham: That doesn’t matter at all because … and you will never start, this is something really important, you will never start where you started again.

Guest: Okay. And this is another thing

Abraham: Now that you care about how you feel, now that you recognize…so why did that feel so good? That felt good because it was wobble free as momentum grew.Uh, uh so wobble free with no as much momentum feels pretty good, but wobble free with a lot of momentum feels really really good, doesn’t it? So which is better? A lot of momentum and a lot of wobble or a little bit of momentum and no wobble? So what’s the factor? The wobble. And what’s the wobble factor pointing at? Resistance. Your desire is going to take you upward cause you are not ever going to pull back on your desires, but you can control your wobble. You can…

Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun LANDCRUISE 2014

Copyright by Esther Hicks

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