Your flowing to them you can control

“When your awareness of how you are pleasing them (others) is primary, there is a distortion in your vibration. It’s like doing something for someone and knowing that if they’ve been trained right by their mother that they will feel appreciation to you for what you are giving to them. And if they don’t, sometimes there is a feeling that there is something amiss within you because “You should be appreciating this, you shouldn’t be being so selfish in your perspective. You should give back in response to what I am giving.”
But since that’s a condition that you can’t control and something that you can’t control and that is the basis of everything that feels good to you. It’s not what you’re getting back from them; it’s what you’re giving out to them. Your appreciation of them is controllable, your appreciation, your alignment and your flowing outward you can control every time. But in the moment that you are looking for something back from them, you cannot control that.
When you prepare yourself to perform, think about what’s flowing to you and through you, not what’s coming back in response to that. And then you’re home free every single time, every single time.

And you know, you get there, you get there eventually, often you’re there when you begin and then sometimes because of their appreciation of you , they bring you there and that’s the tricky part because some of them will bring you there and then you become dependent on all of them to bring you there. And some of them cannot bring you there because they are not there to bring you there. “
Abraham Hicks, Canary Islands Cruise 09/21/2014


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