Give the mood you would like that person to have


“Take a look at your favorite person. Give that person the mood you would like that person to have. Make that person playful. Make that person beautiful. Make that person happy. Make that person in perfect vibrational harmony with you. And, together, go someplace you know the two of you would adore being. Have a conversation with that person. Say what you would say under those conditions. Bask. Applaud. Praise. Appreciate. Approve. Listen. Receive compliments. Blush with them. Return them. Adore. Be adored. Move your body. See delightful things. Have stimulation, relative to conversation, relative to anything that you care about. Get on a subject that’s really important to you. Solve problems. Find solutions. Sit with your president. Talk to anyone on the planet that you would like to talk to. Bring them in. Give them the mood. Give them the attitude. Give them the ability to hear you. You get the sense of this? Some say, “Too much work.” We say, it’s your life.
You are walking into the future of whatever you do with your mind. So where is your mind? Is it perusing the puzzles and problems of the past? Is it perusing the problems of the world? Is it looking for reasons to feel good? Is it looking for reasons to feel bad? In other words, it is your life, you get to focus wherever you want to focus.”
Abraham-Hicks 12/15/01— Orlando, FL

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