Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah…


Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah…

Q: Thank you. I have another point of clarification. I’ve also, in my mantras, always desired to live my life to its optimum. And about 18 months ago I attracted into my experience a company that provided some leading edge of the anti-aging well-care movement. And an integral part of the whole renewal system is the nutritional aspect. And just listening to your last monthly tape about one of the questions where how does food have any relationship to this. The answer was blah, blah, blah. And I can understand that. I can understand that it’s all vibrational.

A: Let us build a softer bridge for you about this, because everything is vibrational. Even the foods that are attracted to you are vibrational. The content of food is vibrational. The way it responds to your body is vibrational. The thing that we were getting at with that, is that if you are not in the receiving mode, then it doesn’t matter what you eat. You are not going to receive the benefit that you are reaching for. And when you are in the receiving mode, it doesn’t really matter what you eat, you will receive more benefit from it.

Let us add another statement to that. When you are in the receiving mode, you would be drawn to those things, all things, including food, that would be the optimum enhancement of what you are reaching for.

Food is a big part of your physical experience. It is a big part of being physical—whether you are a bush or a frog or a human. What you are consuming, it is a big part of your physical experience. But it is not as big a part as the vibrational content that you hold. So we will speak something again that we spoke earlier. We speak it often. We want to apply it specifically here.

What I do is not so important for any reason other than, I believe that what I do is right. It does not matter what path you take, but it does matter if the path you are taking is something that you are believing is appropriate. Nothing is more damaging to you than to do something that you believe is wrong.


And so, physical Beings approach food in very interesting ways. What most say is, “I like to eat this because it tastes good, but I believe it is bad for me. And I want to find a way of eating this thing that I believe is bad for me, and receiving benefit from it.” And we say, you can’t get there from there.

Then they say, “Well, then I would like to believe that this thing that I believe is bad for me is good for me.” And we say, well, you can’t get there from there either. And they say, “But I believe so powerfully, because I’ve heard it for so long, that this is bad for me.” And we say, then you would be better off not to participate within it.

But then you say, “Well, we’re in trouble as a society, because they’ve convinced us that almost everything that is in food is bad for us in one way or another.” Maybe it is time to rework all of this. There was a time when we would have said to you, because we are not trying to get you to change your philosophy about all things in order to thrive—we think it’s a perfectly wonderful thing. If you believe that that is not pleasing to you, then to look over there. We have never said to you, you must make this thing that you believe is bad, good. We just say, choose the things that you believe are good.

Choose the things that feel good to you while you are choosing them, and in doing so, you’re locking on. Choose the things that feel good when you choose them—the thought, the words, the actions, the food. Choose things that feel good to you. Well, if you’ve been taught that the eating of this is bad for you, and you are choosing it, now your vibration is all scrambled and you’re not in the receiving mode.

So for a time we say, for centuries in fact, we were encouraging if you believe that that is bad, then avoid it. Turn the other cheek. Participate in that which you believe is good. But now you are in a situation where your society has condemned so many components of your food, that now many of you are having a hard time finding that which you feel is appropriate. Even the purest of food, you are convinced, is inappropriate in one way or another.

You have been listening too much outside of yourselves, and now you have sort of lost your way. And so now, we can see that it could be advantageous to begin rethinking the idea of food.


Q: So there is some value in the nutritional supplements, beyond just perhaps giving a better, more positive vibration?

A: Well, the physical food that you eat is fuel to this physical body. The cells of your body are asking for the fuel, in the same way that your engine wants the fuel for energy. In other words, you are an engine. You are a combusting engine. And as you utilize the fuel, and your body combusts it, then you propel yourself, literally.

And so, of course there’s value in food. And you know it because you see no one surviving without it. Consciousness would continue without food, but this physical body wants food and water. Fuel. We would begin calling it fuel. The fuel of energy.

The thing that we would like to say to all of you is that your body is far more forgiving, in that it is a much more sophisticated factory than most of you believe. And the reason that we know this, is because we see and have seen people all over your nation eating radically different diets, and all thriving. And the common denominator was they believed that what they were eating was good.

But as you become a global community where you are aware of all of that, and so many people pointing at what others are eating, and condemning it in some way, then you lock off the signal of Well-Being, and it doesn’t matter how appropriate the food is that you are eating. You still don’t allow it to make you thrive.

Q: So it might be better to focus on the attitude?

A: The attitude first, and the food second—it’s the way we would approach it. We would teach people, it is far more important how you feel as you… Here is a fun way of looking at it. You could believe that something that you are eating is really inappropriate. It could be full of preservatives and calories and sugars and all of the things that you’ve been trying to avoid. And you could believe utterly that it is wrong that you eat it. And yet it satisfies your taste buds in some ways and so there is a part of you that is wanting it. And you could feel so sure that it is wrong, but eat it anyway, and then feel really guilty about eating it. In which case, you would not lock onto your signal of Well-Being.

On the other hand, you could see this and really, really want it, and see others eating it, and you could not eat it because you believe it is wrong, and feel so deprived because you’re not eating it, and in your deprivation you’re still not locked onto the signal.
So it didn’t matter whether you ate it or not. So many say, “Well, then I might as well eat it. I might as well eat it.” And we say, well, only you know that. What we are wanting you to do, in the same way that we were talking to our friend earlier, and we are wanting him, and all of you, to adore yourselves—we would like you to befriend your food. We would like you to make friends of your food. We would like you to say, “This food is a good thing.” Food is a wanted thing.

Within this food there are beneficial things, even if you are eating food that you know has things that you believe are inappropriate. You could eat apple pie, believing that the sugar is inappropriate, and maybe the preservatives to preserve the color/freshness of the apples is inappropriate, and maybe the carbohydrates in the crust are inappropriate by the things you’ve picked up along your physical trail. And you could say, “But an apple a day is something that I really like,” and you could focus so purely on the perfection of the apple and your belief in the Well-Being of the apple, that that apple pie could actually cause you to thrive, if you were focused independently enough.

And we believe that in this world of intertwining that that is the next step. We think it is important that you befriend your food. And we think that the epidemic of not thriving that runs rampant, whether you call it obesity, or low energy, or any one of the other endless labels that are offered about the not perfect state of the physical human body, we would say that we could give the majority of the reason for that to the mood, or attitude, that most people have around the subject of food.

Food either evokes a feeling of guilt, or a feeling of resentment, or a feeling of worry; when what it should bring forth is a feeling of appreciation and a feeling of abundance, and a feeling of longevity, and a feeling of Energy—a feeling of Well-Being. Food is such an important component of your experience. We would befriend it. And we would devour it with pleasure.

Abraham Hicks, Monterey CA 03/20/2001

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