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You will begin to notice, that when you begin to talk about what you don’t want, you don’t feel very good.

And when you don’t feel very good, that is your indicator of not letting in what you’ve been telling the Universe what you want.

You can tell by the way you feel how much Source-Energy that you are summoning or not in any given moment.

I think I’ll pay more attention to the way I feel, and if I don’t feel good, I’m not allowing Source-Energy-Life-Force-Well-Being-Health-Abundance into my life.

I feel good or I don’t.

I’m letting it in or I’m not. And you’re not letting it in when you explain to anyone who will listen, how you got to where you are.

Maybe it’s because when you talk to one another, you say, “Hi, how are you?” and you feel you must keep a note in your pocket to describe it clearly, in case someone asks me how I am, I’ll let them know, I have a list of diseases, and it’s been this way for a long time, and this many things are missing from my life, and here are the steps that I took to get here, I hold such and such degree, and I got it by going through all these steps, and I have been accredited by all these people, my family, my scholars, my professors, all of the people that educated me, here’s my list of reasons that I stand here in my NOW, presenting myself to you.

And we say, every time you explain, you’re revisiting or better said, you’re re-activating those vibrations in your NOW.

Those things didn’t just happened back then, they’re happening NOW in your vibration, by your incessant talking about them, which if you stay there long enough, become your Point of Attraction, and that is the reason why things don’t change very much.

You talk about what you don’t want, it’s in your vibration, and Law of Attraction brings you more of the same to observe. Never, ever, ever, ever face reality, unless it’s pleasing to you.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would make it a habit to observe less, and imagine more.

We would be more and more aware of when we are letting it in or not.

I’m either letting it in or I’m using something as my temporary excuse to not let it in.

I can continue to tell this story, that doesn’t feel good while I’m telling it, OR I can begin telling my new, better feeling story.

As you stand in your NOW, and you are aggravated or fearful or not trusting your magnificent body, or feeling unworthy, or if you are blameful, if you are guilty, then in that moment, you are preventing the Universe who adores you, your Inner-Being who assists you, and all of the Well-Being that is your birthright, you are hindering it, you’re pinching it off — and to the degree of the intensity of your negative emotion, that is the degree of the intensity of your pinching it off.”

~Abraham November 11, 2000 Dallas, TX

Special thanks to Vince Furfaro for this quote.

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