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“I know…damn it…that I, that I have the knowledge and the legacy and the ability to live a joyful life without beating my brains out and I don’t think that I should have to do so many things that I don’t want to do in order to eke out a living that sort of, kind of gives us a little bit of what we want, I can feel that is supposed to be way better than that, not only for me but for a lot of people. And I feel resentful, we’re using a strong word, I feel resentful that I haven’t figured it out and that more people haven’t figured it out and that it isn’t going better for more of us because I can feel that something is really off in the way we’ve been approaching life and I know that is supposed to feel better than it’s been feeling….accurate?
Guest: yes
Abraham: you wanna add anything to that?
Guest: No. Before I came here I told my wife that I felt like I knew you and Jerry and I don’t know if it’s eternal knowing or physical knowing
Abraham: it’s eternal and we’ll get there, but we don’t want you to get too positive too fast because you’ll mess up our story (laugh)
So as we probed over there into what’s sort of been bothering you, because you’re clear about what you don’t want do, but you also have some believes that I have to do things in order to make money and I know that there is a path through which dollars will flow to me and I haven’t discovered what it is and I am clear about what I don’t wanna do than I am about what I do wanna do and yet my clarity about what I don’t wanna do has me sort of stymied, I feel like I have my feet stuck in the mud and I don’t know how much my positive airy fairy thoughts are going to carry me because the reality isn’t shifting as fast as I want it to. So, that’s a pretty good statement of what you feel part of the times and we were specific about it and specifically off and so it’s strong resistance. So now, from there, we want you to and we will offer the words to find some way of being more generally negative.
So, generally negative goes more like this: well, I sense that it will work out although I really can’t say that I know how or when and I’ve always felt that it should be easier than it is and I am looking forward to finding the path and I wish it would show up pretty darn fast and I know that we are all living different lives because there are some people that are living such magnificent wealth that there’s no way that they could even begin to even hint that they are earning it because nobody could earn that kind of money that some people earn. So I know that there’s something else to the equation. I know that there is something going on other than this much effort and this much money. I know that there is something bigger going on because the disparity in the earning power of people around the world is such that I know that there is another story and I am looking forward to that story revealing itself to me in a way that I don’t just understand it intellectually, I don’t just get it conceptually, but I am able to manifest it for me and feel my worthiness in receiving. Now, that was still negative because we were still talking about it as if it hasn’t happened yet but did you feel how much better the general felt than the specifics.
Guest: yes
Abraham: Did you?
So now, from generally negative you could move pretty quickly and you wanted to already into generally positive. My life is getting better and better and I can feel that I’m on the right trail and I know from the goose bumps that I received that I am sniffing out the trail and I hear all kinds of things from Abraham and others that let me know that life is supposed to be more like I’ve envisioned it and I have so many things that are already working well in my life. I’m beginning to find more appreciation for more of the things that are working and I have the sense that if I could just keep that appreciation up and get some momentum going that something would break loose. In fact, part of my discomfort is that on more than one occasion I felt that I am on the brink of something, on the brink of something, on the brink of something because my emotion has been so high, I felt so good for a period of time and that’s why my disappointment has been so strong when I open the door and it’s not there because it feels like it ought to be there, it feels like it’s ready to reveal itself to me in lots and lots of different ways and when it doesn’t I sort of plummet, but the fact that I can feel that is there I that it as a good sign. I take it as a good sign that I am feeling it more of the time and I am looking forward, I am hearing what Abraham is saying today and I am looking forward to watching for more of those manifestations. I am going to start really taking note of the manifestations that are happening around me that have not maybe anything to do with money flowing into my experience, but just manifestations, manifestations of what I need, when I need it just because of my relationship with my Vortex. Most of the world has been and would call me a lazy person if they saw me deciding that I’m gonna be the stay at home person, deciding that I’m going to spend time with my children, deciding that I’m not going to do that and not gonna do that, and not gonna do that, but I have decided because I can feel the power of following my bliss. I am sure that if I am able to follow my bliss in a concrete way that something will pop for me. I know it. And the fact that it hasn’t popped yet is irrelevant because I know that something is coming for me. And so I can wait for the manifestation of that. I’ve got plenty of leeway, I have a relationship with my family, things are working out really well for us, and there is all kinds of evidence that it’s showing itself to me, to us every single day that lets me know about my relationship and my proximity to the Vortex. So I have decided that I’m going to take the flip in this, I’m gonna let my relationship with my Vortex be the most important thing and when I think about it, that’s exactly what I just said to Abraham. I just said “I wanna be happy, don’t wanna do the traditional thing”. I just said ” I know that there is a way” and the Vortex is exactly the answer that I’ve been feeling, although I haven’t been able to articulate it and the reason that it felt like the havens were opening to me when I begin hearing Abraham’s articulation is because we’re talking about the same thing. The Vortex is a reality, even though it hasn’t manifested yet, it is a reality and this Vortex reality is the precursor for all manifestation and now that I know that it exists within every fiber of my being, full of things that I have been putting there ever since I was twelve years old, there is no doubt in my mind that when I find the right vibrational place and I am fast on the trail of finding it, and the manifestation, after manifestation after manifestation is gonna give me not just the hoping, not just the wanting, but the knowing that I create my own reality and that I can call the shots anyway that I want and I can be as prosperous as I choose to be and as involved with as many people as I choose to be.
Nobody is the boss of me, I am the boss of me and my relationship with my Vortex and as I achieve that, all things are possible and I am so looking forward to the plethora of never ending surprises and delighting experiences that are going to reveal themselves to me along this path of the Source within me reminding me again and again and again and again not just of my clarity and not just of my cleverness, but of my absolute worthiness that I was born with, that felt so OFF whenever I lost track of it. I realize now, 12 years old and beating my brains out and doing what everybody wanted me to do…it wasn’t that I wasn’t willing, I was a good worker, it wasn’t that I wasn’t capable, I am really smart about all kinds of things….It was that somehow I lost my sense of worthiness in that mess, and now I FOUND IT!
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