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Q: I have an illness called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I’m allergic to perfume and chemicals. I’ve been told that I’ve created that, which I probably have, but I don’t understand why I would create something that I didn’t know even existed. And, if I was going to create an illness, why would I create something that people recognize because a lot of people don’t “get” it? So, how do I uncreate this?

A: Well, first of all be want to begin by saying that everybody that’s experiencing anything created it, so give yourself a break first of all.

Then we want to say to you that as people imply that this is a sort of mental thing, that’s psychosomatic, that it’s coming from your mind, and that is doesn’t really have any physical reason or basis, we want to say that’s true of ever single imbalance or illness.

So, don’t let them make you feel weird about it because it’s true of everything.

Someone might say, Where does water come from? You might accurately say, Well, I go to the sink, and I turn the knob, and I hold the glass under the knob, and that’s where water comes from. And we say, that certainly would be true, but there’s a lot more to the story of where water comes from.

And so, we want to give you the same sort of leeway in a end result that you are living. We want you to understand that there is a lot more to every story than this place that you are now standing.

And we also want you to relax just a little bit and try to see yourself — as we have been trying to demonstrate for all of you here today — that you are, without question, putting your boat in the Stream right where you are.

And, that you are where you are. And where you’ve been, and how long you’ve been gone, or been there, or how you got here is really not relevant. The only thing that matters is: Where am I in relationship to where I want to be?

We are not surprised that you have a diagnosis that speaks to hypersensitivity because you have always been hypersensitive. You are hypersensitive to Energy too. Have you noticed about yourself that even when you were a teenager and before, that when you walked into a room, you could sort of tell what the attitude of the conversation was?

Q: Yes.

A: In other words, you knew when people were in Alignment with you and you knew when they we not.

Q: Yes.

A: And you were born into an environment where not a whole lot of people had the time to give you their undivided attention, and so you determined — and accurately so — often, when you walked into an environment, that you were not the most welcome sight. Not because you were unwelcome, but just because they were busy about other things and you were sort of a bother.

So, in all of that, in that hypersensitivity to Energy… It’s nice to be sensitive to Energy when it means that I’m upstream and I want to be downstream, it’s nice to be sensitive to it when you have the resources, and the memory, and the knowledge to know what to do about it. But it’s not comfortable to be sensitive to Energy when you believe that you have to control the conditions in order to feel better.

So, we think it’s interesting that it would evolve into a diagnosis that says, quite simply, that there are people in your environment all around you who are producing chemical concoctions which they emit into the atmosphere… Something as innocuous as someone wearing a strong perfume, or having some chemicals in their clothing from dry cleaning.

Esther walked in the rain the other day in a silk blouse and she was amazed at the fragrance that emitted from her silk blouse when it got wet. She said, “I smell like a bubble gum factory!” Something about the chemical that they had dry cleaned her clothing with, when it got wet it was a really interesting fragrance.

And so, all of these chemicals that are surrounding you, and you with your sensitivity to Vibration… Now we talked earlier a little bit, that what you see, you see because you translate Vibration into the sight equivalent, and what you hear is that you’re translating Vibration into the sound equivalent, what you smell is translating Vibration, what you taste is translating Vibration.

So, everything is Vibrational and, if you could get to the heart of Vibration, you would understand why that color looks the way it does, why that sound sounds the way it does, why that light refracts in the way that it does, and why that food tastes the way it does, and why that thing smells the way it does. In other words, it’s all Vibrationally based.

And so you say, Okay Abraham, I get it. I’m a hypersensitive translator of Vibration. And, in doing so, I have these different responses.

Then you say — which is really what the heart of your question was — But why would I create an uncomfortable bodily condition about something that I don’t even know that I’m doing? How could I create something that I don’t know that I’m doing?

And we say, Because attention to a subject sets up a Vibration. And when you set up a Vibration, that Vibration is playing off of another Vibration, and that results in the manifestation that you’re living.

And so, in the same way that you are able to feel negative emotion, and turn a thought more positively, you can — at even more subtle levels — sense a Vibration, and then reach with your mind for a different Vibration. You can literally sift through the Vibration of your time-space reality without the people around you doing anything to change it.

So, here’s what we’re saying: There’s a tendency to believe that, here I am standing smack dab in the middle of my life, and that I’m having responses to life. In other words, there are conditions that are happening, and you are observing the conditions, and you’re having Vibrational responses to those conditions. And, in those cases, you can see them as conscious things that you are observing. And you kind of get that.

And you can even get how you could observe things, and then decide to take a different slant on them, and — by using the power of your mind — turn your attention in a different way, so that the condition you’ve been observing doesn’t take you one such a wild and raucous ride.

You have the power to see it as an upstream idea or as a downstream idea, and — depending on which way you decide to make it — you will benefit or not depending upon the direction of your thought.

So now, what we’re suggesting to you is that — in less obvious ways — there are thoughts that you think that are detrimental to your physical Well-Being, and thoughts that you think that are beneficial to your Well-Being, that you are somehow translating in terms of the way chemicals are responding to you, but the chemicals are just the path of least resistance in the way they’re showing up.

It really is the thought that poisons, not the chemical.

And that’s why they’re saying to you that it’s sort of something that you’re creating, and that’s why everybody is not having the same experience.

Now give yourself a break in this and acknowledge that the dog hears things that I don’t hear. And that everyone is emitting Vibrations, and the Universe is responding to their Vibrations.

And then, say to yourself… now this is something we think is just wonderful… we were talking earlier about post-manifestational awareness, how what I think, and what I feel, and what I manifest, is always a Vibrational match… there are no exceptions to that… so, once something has manifested, you can kind of figure out what the Vibration was that you had going on because the manifestation sort of points it out.

So, then we say, but isn’t it nice to have awareness in advance, so that you can turn your thoughts into a more productive or beneficial way, so that what manifests is more pleasing? And so, then you say, here I am in this situation where I’ve got this manifestation that is occurring.

And we have long been say, if you’ve got some negative emotion going on, which means there’s some resistance in your Vibration, which means you’ve got your Stream moving fast and, for some reason, your not letting yourself go with it — don’t worry, you’ll feel negative emotion.

And if you don’t recognise that your Stream’s moving in one direction, and you’re not letting yourself go with it — don’t worry, it will get bigger. And if you still don’t notice it, and do something about trying to get downstream — don’t worry, it will get bigger. And if you still don’t notice it, and do something about it — don’t worry, it will get bigger… because everything in this Leading-Edge Universe is becoming more and more exaggerated.

So, All that’s happening to you is that you are having a manifestational response to Vibration that is out of whack, and now it’s got your attention. But what’s causing you concern is, what you’re say is, Well, I have a sensitivity to chemicals that I can’t even see, and it isn’t until I come into contact with them that I have a detrimental response… I didn’t have that negative thought until things went really wrong. And we say, everything that manifests is Vibrationally-based, you see?

So, you don’t have to figure out what chemicals you’re allergic to. You don’t have to figure that out. You have to figure out what thoughts you’re allergic to. And we’ll say to you, you can tell every time. They don’t feel good when you think them.

They’re thoughts like, I’m not good enough.
They’re thoughts like, I’m not smart enough.
They’re thoughts like, I should have done something different.
They’re thoughts like, I’m wasting my life.
They’re thoughts like, I don’t know what to do.
They’re thoughts like, That one’s doing better than me.
They’re thoughts like, I should be doing better.
They’re thoughts like, I’ve lived so much life and I haven’t figured it out.

They’re poisoned thoughts.

It isn’t about the chemicals around you.
It’s about thought and Vibration.

~Abraham September 23, 2006 Detroit, Michigan

Transcript made from this recording by Esmee La Fleur:


Thank you Jay Patel for making this recording available.



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