There is no entitlement


“There is a sort of feeling of entitlement that often comes from a sophisticated world or from those who are accustomed to receiving from you. In the beginning, when you are new to them their feelings of entitlement are not so great (that’s the same thing that happened with the relationship that we were talking about just a little bit ago).
You come to feel entitled in your relationships like “You owe this to me” and we want you to understand that in this world that is based upon vibration, there is no entitlement, in this sense: your alignment is not like a college degree where once you earned it you get a diploma and you hang it on your wall and is yours forevermore. Your alignment either is or it isn’t in the moment. And so “I thought we’ve gone over this already and I thought you already understood that this is the relationship that we have”.
That’s never ever there.
And if you are depending upon others to understand what you think their relationship with you should be, they’re gonna get it wrong as much as they’re gonna get it right. And you’re going to be up and down and up and down and up and down until you eventually lose your way altogether. “

Abraham Hicks, Canary Islands Cruise 09/21/2014

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