Nobody can put anything in your pie


“Nobody can put anything in your pie unless you observe what they’re putting in their pie. And when you observe what they’re putting in their pie, now you’re a vibrational match to what they’re putting in their pie, and now you’re putting it in your pie. And now you’re blaming them because you’ve got it in your pie! But you are the one who put it in your pie. “No, I didn’t,” you say, “I didn’t put it in my pie. They put it in my pie. They put it in their pie first, and then some of it got in my pie.” And we say, none of it could have gotten in your pie if you hadn’t had your nose in their pie. If you hadn’t been paying attention to somebody else’s pie, you wouldn’t have their stuff in your pie. You only get in your pie what you are
giving your attention to.
And you say, “Well, it’s hard not to notice what other people are putting in their pie.” And we say, we know it can be hard, but maybe you could start making your own pie and getting interested in that. “Well, my pie isn’t as interesting as their pie. Their pie’s on CNN! Their pie is on the front page of the newspaper. Their pie is on my soap opera and on all the television programs. The stuff that they’re putting in their pie seems to be everywhere. And because it’s everywhere, it keeps getting in my pie.” Only because you’re giving attention to it. Nothing can get in your pie that you’re not giving your attention to.
“Well, how can I not give my attention to the things that are everywhere?” And we say, find something that feels good to you—and give your attention to that. “Well, it’s hard,” you say. “It’s hard to focus.”
And we say, but that’s what a creator does. A deliberate creator focuses. A deliberate creator decides what he wants in his pie, and puts it in his pie. “Well, how do I know for sure what I want in my pie?” Make some pies and eat them, and see how they taste. We call that post-manifestational pie eating. We call that waiting until it has manifested in order to figure out what the vibrational content of it was… It works.
Or, you could pay attention to the way you feel while you’re putting the stuff in your pie, because if it feels good while you’re putting it in there, it’s going to taste good when it’s done.”
Abraham Hicks

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