People will rise or lower to your expectation


“Here I AM, the center of my Universe, and I’m attracting from the environment around me these kinds of people: clear-minded, fun, inspired, creative, happy, expansive others. Doesn’t it feel like a good crowd?
So, it feels interesting that here I am, a person, and I’ve attracted a person, a person, a person and I’ve got a good party going on. What we would like you to realize is that there is a potential party in everybody you know.
So, when you get there then you attracted from that one and that one, in other words, you’re not looking for a whole new group of people., you’re not reaching into the Universe and selectively sifting through people to bring different people to you, you are tuning yourself to the attraction of the best of all of them and we want you to give yourself credit for who you’ve already assembled, because you haven’t been making mistakes, nothing’s going wrong, you’re in the process of molding this into place and there is so much positive momentum in every single relationship you have. There was a little tuning, you can tune it into something that will be really delightful for both of you, you see …
But the key is, you gotta stop asking them to make the changes, you gotta make them; you gotta find the emotional change in yourself and some of them, they will come with you, they’ll come with you. Some of them will bounce off and go somewhere else because it’s too big of a gap, but most of the people you know will come with you; most WILL, because you’ve already vented them. They came to you, you’ve been a positive attractor for a long time, every one of you has been a positive attractor for a long time; you’re just freaking out in the specifics of it.
Do you see what we’re getting at?
You’re freaking out in the manifestational phases of it because you have a misunderstanding of how this works, so you’ve been attracting all these wonderful people around you and then you say “oh these aren’t the scenarios that I want” and then you get really specifics about the stuff you don’t want and you put your umbrella up and even though there’re there ready to deliver to you the love and the clarity that you want because their inner beings are there with them wanting to give you the part of them that you most want, you don’t let it in because you are predisposed to who they are.
Do you know how many opinions or attitudes you have about people around you that do not then let them give who they really are and what you really want from them to you? Because your perspective of who they are is already so cemented in, in terms of your vibrational practice, that even though every one of them wants to give you something different, you don’t let that part in. You only let the parts in that you’ve practiced. People will rise or lower to your expectation, 100% of the time, that’s how powerful you are. Don’t you love knowing that?
So you say to your friend that you’re mad at “You know, I’ve really turned you into a bitch. I remember when what I attracted from you was so sweet, but not anymore. Not anymore. And I intend to do something about that.”
Abraham Hicks, Boston 10/11/2014
Copyright Esther Hicks
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