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Process #4 Virtual Reality

Use This Process:
When you are feeling good, and you want to practice a vibration of allowing.
When you find yourself remembering a pleasant experience, and you want to extend the feeling longer and even move it to a better-feeling place.
When you have extra time, and you wish to spend it in a pleasant way.

Current Emotional Set-Point Range
This Virtual Reality Process will be of the most value to you when your Emotional Set-Point is ranging somewhere between:
(1) Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation and (8) Boredom

This Virtual Reality Process is one where you deliberately activate a scene in your own mind that causes you to offer a vibration matching the scene you have activated—and as you practice visualizing pleasant scenes in your mind, these good-feeling vibrations can then become your new set-point.
Most are presenting the majority of their vibrational offering in response to things, people, and conditions that they are observing. And so, the lives of most people continue to unfold very much as they have been, with no significant improvement from day to day. This is because there is not much thought being offered that is much different from what has already been experienced. However, the game of Virtual Reality will change that, because an application of this process, on any subject of your choice, will cause your vibration to move far beyond where you are currently standing. Since the Universe responds to your vibration—and not to what you are living right now, amazing things can now begin to flow into your experience even though they have never done so before.
Virtual Reality is a process where you get to choose everything about this moment in time, just like a director in a movie would do. To begin this process, you would first decide: Where does this scene take place? Choose a location that feels really good to you. It could be a place that you may have visited, heard about, seen in a movie, or even imagined. Is it indoors or outdoors? What time of day is it? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening? Is the sun just coming up or going down? Is it broad daylight? What does the air feel like? What is the temperature? How are you dressed? Who else is there? Choose something that feels good to you.
It does not matter if you are alone or with someone else, but it is important that if you choose to bring someone else into your Virtual Reality that it feels good to have them there. What kind of mood are you in? Are you laughing? Are you sitting and quietly contemplating? Once you have
set the scene, you can imagine what you might say to each other.
The purpose of this Virtual Reality Process is to cause you to activate vibrations within you that put you in the place of allowing your Well-Being. So you would not create a Virtual Reality where you build your new house with a leaky roof and then bring repair people into your Virtual Reality to fix the leaky roof. You would not put up ugly wallpaper and then bring someone in to replace it. In your Virtual Reality, you can make it be precisely the way you want it to be.
Do not use this process to try to improve a specific existing situation, because in your attempt to fix something, you will bring the existing vibration into your Virtual Reality, and in doing so, you will lose the power of the Virtual Reality Process.

We would encourage you to play this game when you are driving, standing in a line, or lying in your bed, or you could even just set some time aside to do it. As you create these scenarios that make you feel good, you activate a vibration that does feel good, and then the Law of Attraction matches that vibration. There is nothing more important than that you feel good—and there is nothing better than creating images that cause you to feel good.


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