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EARNING VS. RECEIVING ~ EFFORT VS. VIBRATIONSo you have to stop looking at your earning in terms of equivalency for effort, and begin looking at your receiving. Let’s change the word earning to receiving. And let’s change effort to vibration – personal vibrational offering. Can you hear the difference?

Because if it’s about earning and effort, then you’re right, you’re limited to how much you can do, you’re limited to how many things you can accomplish, or to how many people that you can convince about the value of what you’re offering.

But when you understand that it’s not about earning, it’s about receiving. And it’s not about effort, it’s about vibration. So it’s not about doing, it’s about thinking. And it’s not even so much about being aware of your thought as it is being aware of how you feel when you think the thought…now you’ve got the formula!”

~ Abraham-Hicks, Portland, OR, 08/11/12

Thank you Betty Smith for this excerpt.


“Vibrations don’t stay active without your attention to them. It’s not an old belief if you are keeping it active with your attention to it. When you are loving it feels so good when you are doing anything less than loving it doesn’t feel so good.The larger part of you becomes the evolved version of you.You have the opportunity to stay up with your evolution or expansion or not.

You stand in your wakened state offering a vibration and that is your point of attraction.

This atmosphere surrounds you. It is made up of the thoughts you think.

This atmosphere is allowing the unconditional love that source is offering you or not.

It is not just unconditional love, it is unconditional prosperity, unconditional well-being.

There is no question in Esther’s mind now that Jerry is an eternal being.

Esther’s understanding of her eternal nature is impacted by the daily intertwining with Jerry in nonphysical.

Allow those coincidences to be realized by you every day.

It is never a good idea to look for proof.

Don’t look for support in others, they will let you down every time.

Life is your workshop. All of the people you are co-creating with are bringing you the feedback you need.

Source is flowing to each and every one of you. You are all individually receivers of this powerful stream.

The advantage that Abe brings to a room is that they dominate the energy.

Sometimes a healer thinks that they are taking the energy and asserting it. Instead they are providing a resistance free atmosphere that allows it to flow.

If you will decide that you care about that broader part of you and less about those that are physically focused you will find consciousness that is undeniable.

As you slip in to that vibrational awareness that you are then you know your totalness.

When you are soft and easy and open and appreciating you allow the fullness of who you are and you never question it.

HS: 2 years ago my mother passed away.
Abe: She did not go anywhere.

How are you going to allow your eternal nature if you won’t allow it to your mother.

Bogus beliefs that you keep practicing.

Sometimes other peoples atmosphere will evoke out of you but you have to be in the vicinity of it.

If your frequency is high you can go in a room and not even notice that people are talking smack about you.

Clean up your vibration, get feeling good, and watch what happens to you.

When you ask it was given to immediately but you must line up with it (step 3).

Step 4 – predominately feeling good, in Step 3, and contrast comes and it doesn’t bowl you over.

How’s Jerry? Better than ever.

Words don’t matter so much, the universe doesn’t hear what you say, it hears what you mean.

Changing the words isn’t enough, you have to change what you mean.

What’s step 4 phrase for croaking? Until you stop preventing access to non-physical you won’t have words to describe it accurately.

Everything that happens in your world, the traffic, the way people are relating to you is in response to this vibrational atmosphere that you have created and keeping active.

Are you keeping this atmosphere active by default or purposefully.

Rather than looking outside of yourself wanting praise that makes you feel good, look for it where it really is in this unconditional love that is surrounding you at all times.

The only question is, “Are you happy?”

You are allowing yourself to be adored with no condition.

Law of Attraction is this powerful law that most of all speaks of momentum.

Momentum that is going in the direction that you are wanting, that feels good, you want to encourage.

Momentum that is happening around subjects that are not pleasing, it is better to stop that in the early stage.

The disadvantage of doing it together is that one of you may not be tuned in. The advantage is, in that supreme alignment, you are having the ultimate step 4 moments. One of you can hold the space while the other tiptoes in. That’s when alignment shifts from boring and safe to adventurous and fulfilling.

When you have tuned for a while and feeling good, thoughts begin to come to you. Just let it flow, be the realizer of it rather than the orchestrator of it. Continue being the receiver of the vision.

When you are co-creating with someone who has tuned themselves also, you tap into the mastermind.

Just because someone doesn’t understand Law of Attraction doesn’t mean you have to block yourself from it. Keep your ideas to yourself until they are fully developed within you.

When you’re answering a question that hasn’t been asked you are creating an unnecessary ripple in someone’s experience.

You want the realization of what’s in vibration.

Accomplishments are short lived, it’s the way it feels along the way.

Are you happy day to day?

Esther asks – What things do I like to do. Because these things create the vibrational atmosphere that brings everything else into her experience.

It’s that urgency that slows things down. The urgency prevents you from getting the clues. Just chill.

Say to yourself, I’m right on track, it’s unfolding perfectly. It’s about the fun along the way. You don’t want it to break loose all at once.

Everything in perfect timing, in perfect order. I’m preparing myself for the perfect receiving of it.

You don’t want to miss the savoring and get to the juicy ending. There needs to be juicy savoring along the way.

I’m right on track. It’s unfolding perfectly. (Lucia)

Once you launch a desire, you can’t go back.

The fact that the desire exists within you means that in a large part it has been accomplished.

The only thing that is preventing your desire is resistance.

If you are not married to the outcome but you shift the emotion, now and now and now then the 100k can flow into your existence.

We want your happiness not to be conditional on outcomes.

If your vibrational climate is not conditional on wanting an outcome, then you have accomplished the emotional shift and what you are desiring will come.

I love knowing that I will be guided to perfect thoughts and behavior in the meantime I sit in ease and eagerness.

I feel so happy that I am able to leave conditions out of my ease – that I am able to find ease with my power of focus.

I love contemplating that there is this atmosphere of well-being that is focused on all of us.

I feel comfortable in this optimism that is within me.

I feel I have the power to create worlds.

I am finding myself not putting conditions in my way that block this energy flow.

My desire and my holding of this place causes more of a likelihood of others to find the same.

It’s me priming the pump, setting the tone, shining the light.

I believe with everything that I am that I can be or do or have anything.

This is my step 3 moment this is what allowing source to flow in through me and to me is.

My work is to hold this place to hold this knowing.

I am in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing and love this exposure to life.

The whole point of everything you do is the pleasure in the moment, the pleasure in the moment.

When you turn your attention to the energy blockage you call your attention to it. Instead look for pleasure points! Trust that their asking is responsible for the current. If you really enjoy working with one client and not the other, you are trying too hard with them. [massage therapist in the hotseat]

The more you discover alignment the more you dislike resistance to that alignment.

You are the one that is placing the conditions that is causing you pain.

Most of you are offering your vibration in response to your environment. That means you have no control.

Stop reacting to stuff and deliberately start honing something to which you will react.

We want you to do your best to create your atmosphere, and if you don’t like something that has come in do your best to soften your vibration, and this usually means go general.

You are not always tuned in tapped in turned on but at least you know when you’re not. Negative emotion is guidance. There is nothing wrong with negative emotion.

Listen to the source within you saying we love you, you can’t get it wrong.

You cannot control the conditions, you cannot control what one other person perceives about you.

Source always gets you and likes what it gets.

Just look for things that are easy to like and like them.

You are not giving them anything they don’t deserve, you are just rendezvousing.

We love you unconditionally and you are trying to present unlovable conditions to us.


If something is missing it is always alignment.

If you define the good fortune you are living, then the momentum will build.

The more exposure to the more life you have, the more detailed your asking is.

As you live more life, you keep parlaying your desires out there.

Creating through action is miniscule compared to creating through deliberate vibration.

When you enlist and flow this energy that creates world toward the things that matter to you, only then will you be satisfied.

We would acknowledge the things that are going really well.

Pondering the things that feel good increases momentum.

Source is always flowing abundance to you, but it is a good idea to spend as it is coming in — not more.

There isn’t anything I need to do right now. My work is to accomplish a feeling.

It’s logical to want to find an action. We want you to resist the urge to act. We want to encourage you to find the feeling of well-being.

Find thoughts that buoy you up in a subject of prosperity.

There is a vibrational currency that you have access to immediately. You have to stabilize in that vibrational currency. If you can stabilize there then the currency can flow into your experience that you will have access to.

Create an atmosphere that will control the circumstance. That means feel good now.

Strong feelings of deprivation is spending more than you are letting in vibrationally.

Worrying is spending more than you are letting in.

More is on the way, there is plenty in reserve.

Believe it, trust it, and do not talk about when it is not happening, and notice when it is.

She wants to use the power of crystals. Abe says that is a step back. Why reach for something outside of you. You are the crystal!!

It is not so much about what you are doing it is about the absence of doing that thing you do to prevent it from flowing in.

Everything happens because of law of attraction and your frequency.

You can live in that resonance where the a-ha’s of the universe can be received by you all the time.

We don’t face reality, we create reality.

It doesn’t matter if you are spending hundreds, or hundreds of thousands or millions it is still the out and in of it. Appreciation for the out and in of it, not guilt for the out of it.

You can reach a place where you’re inspired spending is what opens the door for more coming in.

How do you practice a feeling of abundance? Just pick something that feels good and focus on it more.

You reach this place where the unlimitedness of the universe, where the more you are appreciating the spending the more comes back to you.

Don’t expend more energy than you have allowed yourself to receive.

Open yourself more to the love, the vitality, the well-being, that source is flowing to you constantly.

Shortage consciousness is an anomaly that man has created by believing that there is not eternal abundance.

You can’t understand abundance being in the equation until you can understand the source of it.

Vibrationally there is no limitation.

In understanding this, it is not possible to spend more than comes in because they are inextricably tied to each other. There is not imbalance when you are connected to this flow.

Best financial conversation we have ever had.

If you wake in the morning and appreciate, deliberately looking for positive aspects, and got momentum going for appreciation for life, and turned your attention to the students and school. You have created a deliberate atmosphere of unconditional love. After about a month of this you have gotten really good at feeling the oneness of source, and you walk into the school owning this vibrational atmosphere. Then you are asking nothing from the students, you have found everything you are looking for through your alignment of source. Then you make your students feel truly free. Your happiness is not dependent on anything they do.

I’m the only one that places the obstacles that I stumble over.

This conditional love thing is rampant all around. Who is going to be the one to stop it. You are!

You are the creator of your own reality, you live in a vibrational universe, abundance is surrounding you and doing everything possible to penetrate your crusty nature.

There is great love here for you and appreciation beyond description.”

Special thanks to Barbara Vivino for these quotes 

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Live Stream Quotes, february 8, 2014 – San Diego. Thank you I love Abraham for sharing

In the moment of negative emotions you are not allowing unconditional love. You are blocking it with conditions. You are preventing yourself from receiving the always flowing love, abundance and well-being that is flowing to you at all times.Even though you’re in this physical body the nonphysical part of you is dominant.The skill is to have desire that you’re not trampling with doubt. To have desire that you believe.When you are in this vibrational place that is in synch with who you really are, you feel vitality, everything feels good.Esther has been thinking about her vibrational atmosphere. She thinks, “I want to respond from this practiced place of alignment not react to the environment.”Tell it the way you want it to be. Create your vibrational environment. Then just watch.Trust the concierge in the sky. Trust that creating that vibrational environment is enough.Watch the results of what you have created in your vibrational environment.

Your work is very simple – create the environment and see what comes to it.

What you’ve practiced yourself into thought equals your vibrational environment.

This is the piece you are reaching for. If creating my environmental Alignment is my work, if I feel anything less than good, I am reacting from somewhere other than my Aligned place than you get feedback about that.

The elimination of resistance will get things to move faster.

Create the environment and then notice what comes.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and notice the absence of what is to come – this is creating resistance.

Everything that is coming to you is coming because of the atmosphere that you have created.

Get really good at being a selective sifter. Look at what is coming to you, how good you feel.

Rampages are the natural outcome of positive momentum that is allowed to persist.

Once you get deliberate about noticing what is coming in response to your thought and adjusting your vibration. It is a simple concept but a delicate balance. You just get better and better at it.

Your singular work is to create an environment that feels good.

It takes only 30 days of waking in the morning and saying I’ve pressed the reset button and get to create a new vibrational environment.

Dreams show you what you’ve got going on in your vibration.

Things come to you that you don’t want and you want to talk about it or explain it but every word you say that is talking about what you don’t want you create more of it.

If you can resist the urge to respond to conditions and get fixated on creating the nucleus.

If you feel abundant and have a million dollars it’s even better!

You want 100k in bank, you can pivot from worry or concern and when you practice it the 100k can not stay away.

In the moment that you think you need to refine it- get off the subject.

Releasing resistance feels really good.

When you enjoy the relief of the resistance relief -sometimes you deliberately create trouble for the relief that you feel when you release it.

When you feel exhilaration of love flowing that’s when you are speeding the train up.

It is helpful to go into the things that feel good of you first so the things that don’t feel good to you peter out.

Let it go! Let it go to sleep! Let it go dormant!

Focus on surfing, the beingness of the water, the physics of the water.

When you go to the water, the waters personality is about the tide, the moon, the depths, things you don’t bring to it. You bring to it less resistance. But you would rarely do that with some woman you are trying to co-create with.

You are accepting of the oceans personality and you place yourself in the sea for the optimum experience. You could approach a relationship the same.

What is it with you humanoids that make you want to approach everything head-on.

We want so much to convince you all that there are forces working for you and in your softness you allow it.

The universe is responding to you, what are you responding to?

What’s the core feeling of you?

Step 1: Ask, Step 2: the universe lines up to provide it, Step 4: Do your best to allow it by chilling out.

Step 4: Evolved Creating. You know contrast is going to keep happening and you embrace it. You still have Step 1 moments, but since you are not worried about it, it is a step 4 moment.

Step 4: you know you are all right no matter what.

A Step 4 wanting has much less resistance in it than a Step 1 wanting.

When you get all bound up in focusing on things that are not fulfilled you keep the things you are wanting away longer.

You are not puppets on a string, this is a co-creative experience.

The best coach is the response to the vibration you created. If you liked it create more of it. If you didn’t like it, do something different in your vibration.

What kind of things do I do or think about that make me feel good.

You are Source that came into a physical body. Source is flowing to you and through you all the time. You have to retrain yourself to let source flow through you by focusing on things that you like.

How much of source are you allowing to flow? You get too heady and continue a vibration that doesn’t let in what you want.

Negative emotion is a reminder that you are drifting.

Two ways you can tell what you are doing vibrationally. By the way you feel and by what you are attracting.

The fastest path of least resistance is by feeling good.

If you are in this soft easy feeling of well-being, then things just flow to you.

You are not the engine that makes this go. Law of Attraction is the engine.

You don’t have to be the power that makes this go!!

It’s not about working hard and taking the classes. What about right now! Focus on what is right now and do the best to feel as good as you can feel. Then you can allow the trajectory that you have carved out.

Complain about something and feel how that feels = not that good! Appreciate something and feels how that feels = better!

You were not born to be patient, to endure, to buck up.

You did NOT intended to be bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored INTERESTING! bored bored bored bored bored bored INTERESTING! bored bored bored bored … You weren’t born to be patient!

Create this environment and let Law of Attraction do its work.

Don’t spend any time thinking about anything that doesn’t feel good when you think about it.

Your power is in your alignment. There is pleasure in your alignment.

We pretty much talked ourselves out of having to say anything to you ever again! [Ha! Ha!]

Many times it’s better not to say anything. Just rest in your knowing that all is well.

Abe says that they would not travel if danger is activated in your vibration.

The world of boredom is not much better than the world of fear.

Can’t just lock yourself into a corner- need to know that well-being abounds.

Make a decision and do your best to line up with it.

You can think about the positive aspects of where you are going, and they will come to where you are.

Any time there is a feeling of efforting there is resistance.

All kinds of angels of the universe in birds and cats etc. are bringing you the message.

It is all right not to feel good but what it means is right now you are resisting what you are asking for.

We would apply the power of the universe by chilling out, writing a list of positive aspects.

The momentum will peter out the less air time you give them.

It really feels awful to deny that which you want but should you stop wanting it? You have this idea of attachment all screwed up. It isn’t that you don’t want to want things, you don’t want to want things and deny them. You can’t cease desire, there is a trajectory that you are attached to.

There’s no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence are only incidents lining up.

Sometimes the most convoluted trail is the path of least resistance because you’ve put up resistance.

You can’t come to an accurate conclusion about what anyone else has created.

We are keenly interested when you find the delicate power of the universe strange or weird because that’s the way it is supposed to be.

If it is active in your vibration and you are in alignment it reveals itself to you.

Most of you are walking through life blind. There is so much help here for you.

If you deliberately bring yourself into alignment, circumstances go well for you. It’s all based on what you are doing with your vibration.

The more active in your vibration it is, and the more in alignment you are, the more you will see it.

You want to deliberately feel but you also want to notice what it brings.

You will be more unwilling to watch that television show that evokes emotions in you that you want to leave behind.

Source always has your back. There is nothing that you want that source isn’t bringing to you.

Everything is responding to me exactly the way it should.

There is nothing that is ever happening to you, than the way you set it up.

[Re: child with anger] You have the option to react to his behavior or what you have honed. It’s logical to want to respond to his behavior in a way that could contain his behavior. All that would do is perpetuate what was going on with him. Unless you have a strong vibration, his will dominate. Say to yourself, “we all of powerful inner beings, he has strong desire. This is going to be fun for me to deliberately create an opinion of him that isn’t generated by the way he treats me.” Say to the child “I’ve decided that I really really like you and that’s not going to change by the way you behave.”

Don’t you all really want to stop reacting to conditions.

You can single handedly offer a vibration that is resonant with your source and his source, that will transform his view on life.

You are no longer allowing what is active in them be active in you.

You are the creator of your own reality. You came for the experience of life not for the results of life.

There is nothing better than to be 8 or 80 and deliberately find a feeling and then notice the number of things in a day that come that represent that feeling.

Your kids don’t need you, they’ve got Source!

Source does it better because you worry!

It’s a climate, an environment, a state of being the vibrational beingness that you want to work on.

We would not try to solve issues, we would spend our time looking for that central place that feels good.

Well-being abounds! Well-being is dominant!

You have a cadre, a group of non-physical intelligence who understands the specific details of your desire that is inspiring you to the path of least resistance to not just what you want but the pleasure on the way.

The details of your life will cause you to feel worthy because you are reacting to the core that feels good rather than the anomaly that feels bad.

Esther said this was the best seminar she’s ever been a part of!!!

When you call her unpredictable like you call the ocean unpredictable, it’s an indictment of her, while it’s an acceptance of the ocean…

Your desire for freedom does not have to be betrayed by a relationship.

You control everything about EVERYTHING.

Find simple things that make you feel good and focus on them.

In step 4- you know that contrast is gonna keep happening and you’re not bothered by it. You embrace contrast because you know it helps you figure out what you want.

The things that don’t feel good to you will never petter out as long as you’re talking about them, as long as you’re thinking about them. If you can let that topic rest (the negative one), it’ll petter out.

Sometimes pursuing a question takes you further from where you want to be.

You were born to have pleasure from life.

Praise yourself and feel how it feels.

Do the best you can right here, right now, to make it feel as good as it feels.

Forget all that stuff that’s coming, what about right NOW?!

Special thanks to all of the Live Streamers for posting these quotes. 



Seattle 8/26/12
You are the one who designs the traffic patterns through your vibration. You are the one. You’re the reason that you stall looking for a key in order to have a rendezvous that you are looking for, you see. It’s all about that. It works 100% of the time.
Yes, you want to ignore it, but you can’t just ignore it. You’ve got to prepare yourself vibrationally to ignore it. Which means you have to deactivate in your vibration anything you don’t want to see. Which means you can’t deactivate something without activating something else.
So you have to activate what you do want. And in the process of activating what you do want, you
deactivate what you don’t want. So it’s really a simple thing. Just get a book and make lists of positive aspects and only positive aspects about this person. It’s really what your tendency is anyway. It’s what you said when you first sat down. I love EVERYTHING (except this one little thing.) I love EVERYTHING (except this one little thing.) I love EVERYTHING. So it’s a wonderfulthing when there is so much for you to focus upon.
There could be a whole lot of things about someone you don’t care for and one thing that you do
appreciate. And if you focus upon that one great thing and let that be the singular reason that you have a vibration that’s active about this person, that person would transform by only showing you the thing or the things that are a vibrational match to what you are wanting if that’s what’s active in your vibration.
And we know, we know you don’t want it to be like that. None of you do. You don’t want to be responsible for the attraction. You don’t want to be responsible for the way other people behave when they are around you. But you are. Just understand it. I’m responsible for what comes to me. All of it! Which makes me in control of my own experience because I’m in control of the way I feel. I’m in control of my knee jerk responses. So what you want to do is create in advance. Knee jerk is creating in response. Creating in advance is lying in your bed and counting the positive aspects of the relationship until you dominated your energy field with that.
Guest: That’s easy with him.
Abraham: So then what is the power of influence? The power of influence is connecting with who you are, with who he really is, connecting with the whole of who you are. And practicing the vibration of that consistently enough that when you are together you are developing new behavioral experience. In other words, the evolution of the species that we are calling this relationship takes place. Isn’t it nice?  Yeah!”


“We do want you to put yourself first in the sense that your only
perspective is through the eyes of Self. And so, as you find thoughts
that feel good to Self, now you’re connected to your Source and now you
have plenty of resources that you can flood to whatever is your object
of attention. But, we see a lot of people who are JOYOUSLY helping others and it
seems overtly putting others first and in doing so they are having great
satisfaction and joy in the process of it. In other words, a mother
who tends to her child is certainly putting her child in the position that you would call first, but she is getting ENORMOUS satisfaction from it because she is fulfilling something that she has intended for a very long time. So there’s no DISCORD in that. The DISCORD comes in doing something for someone and resenting doing it. In other words, you ARE putting yourself first when you are serving others and joyful in the serving. The discord comes when you are feeling that your resources are limited and there’s not enough of you to go around and so you are doing

it out of obligation rather than out of WANTING to do it. So, let’s call it allowing and resisting, rather than doing for others or doing for myself. Allowing or resisting. So, I can do for
myself and allow the energy to flow or I can do for others and allow the
energy to flow.
Or I can do for myself and not allow the energy to flow or I can do for others and not allow the energy to flow. But it’s not the ACTION, it’s not the function of what I’m doing, it’s the
function of how I’m FEELING while I’m doing it, you see.”
From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Washington, D.C., 5/1/04


“Let’s say that you’ve been going to your virtual reality and you have been envisioning yourself as
highly successful in the stock market. And you’ve practiced the thought for many, many, many days and when you go to your virtual reality and you go in there, you feel confidence, and you feel the fun of the game, and you feel how much delight it is to see what a volatile market it is.
In other words, you love the PLAY within the market because you know what that can mean to someone with good timing who makes good choices. And you’re feeling SO confident and SO sure and SO eager that just the whole idea of the stock market and the whole idea of your investing and the whole idea of your portfolio…there’s nothing about it that doesn’t feel good to you. You are SUCH a CONFIDENT being…not necessarily because of your own personal experience, as much as because of the imagery that you’ve been conjuring. In other words, you’ve got yourself into a place of REALLY feeling good. Under those conditions, you would NOT be able to pick that which was NOT a match to THAT. In other words, you wouldn’t even be guided to it…
When you’ve practiced the virtual reality of succeeding in that way, ONLY the things that would cause you to succeed are lighting up in the light boards around the world that are for you. In other words, everything would be invisible to you, except those things that are a vibrational match to the confident, good feeling, well-being that you’ve been feeling.”
From the Abraham-Hicks workshop, North Los Angeles, CA, 3/2/02


“We want you to LIGHTEN UP
and not take all of this so SERIOUSLY
and not WORRY about how you’re doing.

And make a new DETERMINATION to have more FUN everyday.
And stop listening to the PEANUT GALLERY that’s all around you
And stop asking for their ADVICE
because they are not giving you very good advice. They mean WELL but they are really OFF TRACK. Your INTUITION is better than you’ve been giving yourself credit for, trust it MORE.”

Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“We want to you be easy about all of the days that you’re in this physical body, forever more. We want you to begin feeling for this path of least resistance and holding in your mind that the only thing that you have to do is just be as soft and easy and sure and certain and appreciative and loving and allowing as you can be in any moment.
That’s all.
You just have to accept that you are oh so good. And that Source loves you oh so much. And that Well-Being is around you oh so much. And that it’s flowing to you through the path of least resistance, over which you are gaining increasing control. You’re just getting better and better at relaxing and allowing Well-Being to flow to you.”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“We’re not here talking to you at all about the condition that is labeled as Cancer, because all that is, is an INDICATOR of vibration. The knot in your stomach is an INDICATOR of vibration, and the disease in your body is a vibrational indication that is the same. It isn’t a death sentence, it isn’t a proclamation of who you are, it’s just an INDICATOR of vibration. It’s an INDICATOR of the THOUGHTS that you have been thinking. And it’s not DOING something about the Cancer that we are here to help you with, it’s doing something about the THOUGHTS that you’ve been thinking, of which the Cancer is the INDICATOR of. Can you get that? When you understand that all it is, is an INDICATOR of vibration, and then you say: ‘Hey, I can change my vibration, and then get another INDICATOR’——-THAT’S THE CURE THAT MEDICINE IS LOOKING FOR.” Abraham Hicks


“There are a lot of people who want to fill in their own grid, they want to be the creator of their own experience and they want to do it through action. And we want to say to you that your action is a pleasant way to enjoy the deliciousness of your time space reality, but it is not the path to the creation that you seek; Vibrational alignment is. Use your action to enjoy what you’ve created.”
Abraham, Australia 2013 – More Than You See


The SECURITY and the FREEDOM that you are looking for comes from one and one place only. It comes from your conscious alignment with the Source that is within you.”
Abraham, Australia 2013 – More Than You See


“Life is treating you the way you feel” Abraham Hicks


“Your perspective is uniquely your own, and your perspective of others is magnificently skewed at best. And so, if we would be standing in your physical shoes and we were looking at others in a comparative way, we would be looking for evidence of the well-being they are spewing and use them as a reason to activate that well-being in ourselves. In other words, the comparison that puts you down, the comparison that says: “you are succeeding while I’m not” is a practiced vibration that will keep you from the success that you want.”
Abraham, Australia 2013 – More Than You See


“You can get from where you are to where you want to be no matter what, as long as you know that vibrationally speaking it is already done and the only reason you’re not living it yet is because you are not vibrationally up to speed with the doneness of it. And usually the reason you’re not vibrationally up to speed with the doneness of it, is because you’re standing over there in the absence of it and your vibration, your attention is all upon the “it isn’t done, I don’t know the way”. But when you stop doing that and you remember that it is done and you remember that you are a viable receiver of the information that you need about anything in the world, there is nothing you cannot be or do or have; there is no exceptions to that.”
Abraham, Australia 2013 – More Than You See


“When you say and you really mean it:
‘I enjoy the feeling of the newly hatched desire to which I see no viable path of accomplishing it but I trust because I understand how this works, I know about Law of Attraction, I know about my personal worthiness, I know that all cooperative components have already been assembled and I know that is only now a matter of me finding a way to vibrationally align with my own desire and then the path will be lighted for me.’
When you feel that way, you feel invincible, don’t you?”
Abraham, Australia 2013 – More Than You See


“You have to accept that in your Vortex is what you want and find satisfaction with the vibrational version.”
Abraham Hicks, Boca Raton 01-18-2013


“You are powerful creators
You have the Universe at your back
You get whatever you desire as long as you are in vibrational sync with what you desire
You cannot be riving in the absence of it and asking for it and get it.
You have to be basking in the presence of it, in the expectation of it, in the knowing of it, you see…”
Abraham Hicks, Boca Raton, FL 01-18-2013


“We want you to feel the fullness of the presence of all this nonphysical energy who adores you and is with you all day every day, all day every day. You have more nonphysical cooperative components influencing impulses that you have than the whole bunch of physical humans you hang around with.”
Abraham Hicks, Boca Raton 01-18-2013


“As you insist for yourself to feel good and you find a way every chance you get to feel good and you don’t wait until you are faced with suffering to try to feel good, but you feel good in the absence of suffering until you’ve practiced it, there will come a time that you can stand in your wholeness in the suffering of others and not suffer while they suffer and help them become whole. That’s what true compassion is.”
Abraham Hicks, Boca Raton, FL 01-18-2013


“Make your statement of intent, not your statement of what you are afraid of. Speak of what you want, not of what you don’t want. We know that sounds ridiculously simple,but that really is it.
Just more statements of what you want, and fewer statements of your fear of not getting it right.”


“We wanna say to all of you:
We could not be speaking LOUDER ! So it isn’t that we need Source to GOOSE IT UP and make it louder !
So what is it that KEEPS you from hearing ? Is it … not listening ? Is it … being DISTRACTED ? Is it … too much stuff going on in the background ? And it’s sort of kind of ALL of that. You have to get into that CLEAR place…
(…) The process of LISTENING is the process of TUNING so it’s the process of FREQUENCIES. And you cannot get away from the conversation about EMOTIONS in order to understand the tuning
So the BETTER you feel the more tuned to your Source you are. And the WORSE you feel the less tuned to your Source you are
(…) Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance. This is something NEW… We have not said this to ANYONE before !
We do not look out into your experience in a moment in time
When you are all bolt up in resistance and take that as our moment to spew our wisdom and inspiration
We don’t just have our channel turned on FULL VOLUME all the time,
blasting out into the atmosphere,
it’s not like throwing enough MUD on the wall and some of it will stick. It’s not like that at ALL !
We know WHO you are, we know WHERE you are, we know where you WANT to be. And our message is ALWAYS being offered to you
With the greatest LIKELIHOOD of you receiving it. You see…. So… that’s why it comes in DIFFERENT forms
That’s why sometimes other PEOPLE bring it to you. It’s why sometimes it comes on the wing or song of a BIRD.
It’s why sometimes it comes to you out of a MEMORY or in a DREAM. It’s coming in whatever way you will ALLOW it. You see?”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“We are not asking you to be in denial. We are asking you to be an ignorer of any conversation or subject that you don’t want to actively participate in. How much resistance do I want to participate in, on my way to what I want.”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“Do not sacrifice your clarity on your way to making someone else clear.”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“By picking through the bones of what everyone else is doing you’re just watering down your vitality
and disallowing yourself of the fullness of who you are”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014


“If we were speaking to you on your first day of physical life experience, we would have said to you:
Welcome, Little One, to Planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. You are a magnificent creator, and you are here by your powerful and deliberate desire to be here. You have specifically applied the wondrous law of Deliberate Creation, and by your ability to do that, you are here. Go forth and attract life experience to help you decide what you want. And once you have decided, give thought only to that. Most of your time will be spent collecting data that will help you decide what it is you want, but your real work is to decide what you want and then focus upon it, for it is through focusing upon what you want that you will attract it. That is the process of creating.” Abraham Hicks, “Ask and it is given”


“If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control your child. You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.”
― Esther Hicks


“You are joy, looking for a way to express.
It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy-frolicking and eager.
That’s who you are.”
― Esther Hicks


“There ain’t no “baby mama drama” up in this Vortex, homie!”

― Esther Hicks


“Let your alignment (with Well-Being) be first and foremost, and let everything else be secondary. And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have—but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”
― Esther Hicks


“There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it. Whether it is a material object, a physical state of being, a relationship, a condition, or a circumstance – at the heart of every desire is the desire to feel good. And so, the standard of success in life is not the things or the money – the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”
― Esther Hicks, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires


“In the vibration of appreciation all things come to you. You don’t have to make anything happen. From what you are living, amplify the things you appreciate so that it sit he dominate vibration you are offering and then only those things that are a vibrational match to that can come to you. Then sit back and know, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!”
― Esther Hicks, Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness


“The appreciation that Source feels for you, never-endingly, will wrap you in a warm blanket of worthiness if you will allow it.”
― Esther Hicks


“When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily—they are implemented easily. It’s fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn’t matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done, it’s just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.” Abraham Hicks


“If you are able to imagine it, it is not “unrealistic”. Abraham Hicks


“Always, when you know what you don’t want, that’s when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want. That is the fruit of your experience. Now pluck it and savor it and enjoy it. Visualize it, and find the feeling place of it. And live happily ever after, once you get the hand of this.” Abraham Hicks


“You are all so practical-minded. You say, “Shouldn’t I be doing something? Shouldn’t I be suffering a little more? I’m taking pleasure from the visualization, but what good is that doing?” You have been taught all of your life to get your head out of the clouds, get your feet on the ground and face reality — and we say NEVER DO THAT unless reality is really, really, really pleasing to you. Otherwise, take the best parts from the buffet table called reality — your life — and fill in the gaps with your vision.” Abraham Hicks


“The Universe has the ability to yield to you in ways most of you are not ready to accept or understand.” Abraham Hicks


“By choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with, and therefore in the process of attracting, only what you would consider to be the very best of your world.” Abraham Hicks


“Now your work is to play on the beach. Your work is to release resistance.  Your work is to appreciate and bask and find clarity and look for delicious ease and flow. In other words, your work is to look for feelings that feel good. Your work is non-work. Your work is to relax and release. Relax and Release, relax and release.  And it is our promise to you that you will find all of those answers. They are all queued up. You just gotta get in the vortex!” Abraham Hicks


“It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about anything — it only matters what you think about it. Dream your dream for the dream’s sake, and never mind about reality or probabilities. That’s what’s tripping you up, because in the dream you can make it pure, and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it. So it boils down to you’re dreaming it for the THRILL of dreaming it, not because you’re trying to create with it.” Abraham Hicks


“Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.” Abraham Hicks


“There is great value in being happy, because only from the point of being happy can you attract that which you want, but it is also your most natural state of being.  If you are not allowing yourself to be happy, you are holding yourself away from who-you-really-are.” Abraham Hicks


“I’m going to be happy. I’m going to skip. I’m going to be glad. I’m going to smile a lot. I’m going to be easy. I’m going to count my blessings. I’m going to look for reasons to feel good. I’m going to dig up positive things from the past. I’m going to look for positive things where I stand. I’m going to look for positive things in the future. It is my natural state to be a happy person. It’s natural for me to love and to laugh. This is what is most natural for me. I am a happy person!” Abraham Hicks


”It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.”
Abraham/Esther Hicks


”The certain pathway to all things that you want is through the corridor of joy. Most of you say, ‘When I get that I will be joyful.’ And we say, until you are joyful, you will not get that. You must start with the decision-with the determination-with the insistence that, ’I will not settle for less than feeling good.’”
Abraham/Esther Hicks


“Everything that I think that I need to do is all only in order to propel me to some place that when I get there, I think I will be happier. So, everything that I am doing, no matter what it is, all of my lists of rights and wrongs… are all about me getting to a manifestation that I believe I will then be happier… So, why don’t I take a short cut and just go get happy?”
Abraham-Hicks, Washington, D.C., 5/1/04


“You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.”
Abraham/Esther Hicks


Worthiness, in very simple terms, means I have found a way to let the Energy reach me, the Energy that is natural, reach me. Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something that is pronounced upon you by you. You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself in a state of disallowing. There is not something wrong with you, nor is there something wrong with one who is not loving you. You are all just, in the moment, practicing the art of not allowing, or the art of resisting




Find something to be happy about. With each moment of bliss, more of that which youve identified as your desire flows to you, until another moment of bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems as if the entire Universe revolves around you, and it does. So, a very short seminar would serve you, if you could hear it. And it would go something like this: Find something to be happy about. Goodbye.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop. G.8/18/01- San Francisco, C., G-10/1/01 – Albany, N


We would say anybody who is diligent within 30 days can shift the dominant vibration within them on EVERY topic that is significant to one that allows the Well-being in the way you want it to be.

Boulder workshop 6/15/02 tape .


We want you to feel ease where you stand. We want you to feel unlimited where you stand. We want you to know that anything that you desire can be yours. We want you to adore yourselves and love yourselves, and know your deservability – to understand your worthiness. We want you to stand in your now and allow the source that is you to flow through you. We want you to define yourself as someone who is eager and full of life and free and fun and easy. We want life to be good for you. We want you to live the lives that you promised yourself you would live. And if it were not for this cloud of belief that mutes that and hinders that you’d be there right now. And that’s what virtual reality will do for you. It will, YOU will, use it to decide what vibration within you is dominant – about everything. So that, when some smart-alec dead guy like Abraham says to you, later on, “So what’s dominant in your vibration about your body?” You will say, “I feel good. I feel surefooted. I feel clear-minded. I feel eager. I feel adventure. I love my body. It serves me so well. I feel steady, and confident and beautiful and adventurous and eager. I feel ready..”

“Well, how do you feel about your dollars?” “I feel fantastic. I feel sure. I feel full. I feel unlimited.. And we say, “Well how’s your life?” And you’ll say, “My life is fantastic, never finished, always unfolding..

Well say, “Well, how are the people around you?” “They are adorable. They are a variety of such a mix, they give me so much pleasure as I pick from among them the aspects that I use to serve me in my now to feel good.”

“Well, what’s your family life now?” “Oh, it is divine! My family is world-wide. My family comes from all races and all nature of people. My family comes to be by law of attraction..

“Well, what is your circle of friends like?” “Oh, they are as unlimited as I am. They are eager and full.”

“Well, what’s life on planet earth like?” “It is fantastic. It has never been better.”

“Well, what’s the state of your economy?” “It is growing and fabulous, anything that I want at my fingertips at any time.”

“Well, how does your mind work?” “Oh, it is amazing! Anything that I want to know, I just focus and the information comes.”

“Well, how do you feel?” “Well, I’m intuitive and eager. I’m free….”

“Well, what is your personality like?” “I am a funny, funny person. Life strikes me as so full of fun and fancy.”

“Well, how does your imagination work?” “It works endlessly. As I stand in my now, I can entertain myself neverendedly with ideas and things to think about.”

“Well, what’s television like for you?” “What?”

“You know television, that thing that people watch?” “What? I don’t need outside stimulation. My own life experience brings me all that I need. And I’m in such a perfect vibrational connection that every now and again I do get the impulse to turn on the television and what I see enhances the thought that I’ve been thinking. But I don’t sit there endlessly hour after hour just hoping that something will go by that will be of value. I’m inspired to turn it on. I pluck from it the beneficial things just like I pluck from life the beneficial things.”

Ahh. You are in the most glorious position of any creator we have ever known on a platform of such exaggerated contrast with so much potential for pleasing experience. It.s just as you knew it would be. And so, here you are, making deliberate decision to offer your vibration purposefully. And it is our absolute promise to you that you will live eternally happily ever after.

Abe, Portland, OR 7-13-0.


Snips from Abraham,  5/11/02 Silver Spring, MD

Practice scenarios that feel good… scenarios that feel good… scenarios that feel good. And never mind reality, reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating…


We never cease to be and we never cease to expand, that’s not in question, the only thing in question is, in THIS moment of expansion, is THIS consciousness having a joyful moment or not. Because you ARE having an expansive moment, that never stops, but are you having a joyful moment, that’s the only thing in question. And that is the goal… in other words, that’s what it’s all about…


Everything about all life that exists is about minding the details for a joyful moment. In other words, all existence is about that. Even the cells in your body are finding preferences… Everything exists for the purpose of finding preference.


From Intro Indianapolis, IN, 5-28-0.

Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You are knowing what you are wanting? It changes … eternally evolving. You are enjoying the evolution of your desire? You like that feeling of a fresh new awareness, a new desire coming into your consciousness? That feeling of adventure and wonder, delight with a new idea? Yes? Not so much.

If the new idea or desire breathes life into you, then we suspect that you have reconnected with your inner knowing. But if the new desire tortures you a little, antagonizes you, if when you have a desire that isn’t fulfilled you feel uncomfortable in its not-yet manifestation, then you still have not remembered that you are leading-edge creators and that you will never get it done, that there will always be a fresh new desire. When you realize that you are leading-edge creators and that the new desire that is born within you is literally what summons life to you, then you no longer feel frustration about what is not yet manifested. Instead you feel appreciation for the life-giving desire that still summons through you. But we understand how when you have not consciously addressed the subject of resistance within your own vibration how new desires could sometimes not feel so good. Because when you really want something and you cannot for the life of you figure out how to bring it about, if you’ve got something that is plaguing you, something that you’d dearly love to get rid of and just can’t seem to rid yourself of, we understand how you might be out of balance with the idea of desire, so much so that you might even begin to condemn it, begin to say that desire is inappropriate, which is odd since the entire Universe is based upon this attraction-based effect where desire is born and it has the summoning capability that literally summon life force forward which keeps us all moving forward. It is so much more comfortable when you get in synch with the laws of the Universe. It doesn’t work too well when you jump off the cliff determined to defy gravity, and it doesn’t work too well when you go against the stream, or flow, of Source.

That’s what resistance is. Resistance is not going with the flow of your own well-being. Most clear statement we’ve ever made. Resistance is not going with the flow of your own natural well-being. Well-being flows, and when you are in alignment with it you feel wonderful. And when you are not in alignment with it, you don’t feel so good. So anger is you not going with the flow of well-being. Frustration is you not going with the flow of well-being. Fear is you not going with the flow of well-being.

So you say “How can I stand in this condition, knowing what I know and observing what I observe, and not feel these negative emotions?”  And we say you have to practice. You have to decide that *you’re* going to be in charge of how you vibrate, *you’re* going to be in charge of how you feel. You’re not going to be buffeted about like a cork on a raging sea. You’re going to practice your vibration so that *you* can determine how you vibrate, how you flow, how you attract.

Through time, as you.ve been interacting with one another, as you.ve been responding to the circumstances that surround you, you have developed some vibrational patterns. And many of them serve you. Many of your vibrational patterns are vibrational patterns of positive expectation. We look at those of you who are in this environment and we notice how magnificently you expect.

Your standard of living is superb. You expect life to go well, to a certain extent. And whai we’re wanting to assist you in doing is expecting it to go well in all regards. We want you to get so good at thinking thoughts deliberately, at setting your own tone, that *you* get to decide what your dominant vibration is about the subjects that are important to you, rather than having let something when you were three set the tone and you just keep doing it or something that mass consciousness is thinking about set the tone. We want you to get so good at choosing what your dominant vibration is that under all conditions you offer it.

That’s a key word that we are offering you here – dominant vibration – because you all have dominant vibrations relative to major subjects in your experience, and some of your dominant vibrations are serving you and some of your dominant vibrations are not serving you. For example, when you think about the subject of dollars or financial abundance, do you feel adventurous and eager and unlimited or do you feel worried and uncertain and limited? You know? Some of you may say “well I feel some of all of that” and we say yes, you do, but you know which is dominant. You can tell which way that leans. You know? When you think about your major relationship, the most significant relationship, the one that you think about the most or the one you interact with the most, does that relationship feel like fun and life-giving, or does it feel like struggle and hard work. You know? When you think about your physical body, does it feel flexible and strong, and sure-footed, or do you feel tentative and uncertain. You know?



Something we’ve been observing in you as you’ve been deliberately applying the law of attraction and deliberately applying your desire to be deliberate crea-tors, and deliberately wanting to allow—what we’ve noticed, almost without excep-tion among you, is that, when you feel negative emotion, usually you beat up on yourself. Usually, when you feel negative emotion, you feel wrongdoing in that moment. And we’ve never wanted to imply that to you. In other words, we didn’t, really. You just picked it up because you’re used to beating up on yourself. And because your physical training teaches you more clearly to know what you don’t want than what you do want.

What we are wanting you to realize is that negative emotion is a wonderful thing, because negative emotion is part of that guidance system that shows you how you are flowing energy. So, next time you feel negative emotion, rather than saying, “Agh, shame on me. Here I’m doing it again. I keep doing it. I keep doing this dumb thing.” Instead of beating up on yourself, instead feel appreciation for your AWARENESS that you are feeling negative emotion. “Ah, my guidance system is working. I can feel that I’m flowing my energy in the opposite direction of some-thing I want.

Whether it is a flurry or a ruckus you’re having with your child; or whether it is an animal that you don’t understand; or whether it is boys that don’t behave; or whether it is a mate that doesn’t appreciate you; whether it’s not having enough money; or whether it’s having a body that doesn’t cooperate; or whether it’s having a dog that is biting you. It doesn’t matter what the negative experi-ence that you are having in the moment IS. The only thing that matters is that out of it is coming a keener awareness of what you are wanting.

And as you let that negative experience serve as a catalyst to help you identify what you DO want, and then you gently talk about why you want it, and envision that it has already happened, or talk about, describe what it would be like to be there, or tell others how wonderful it would be, or remember a time when you were more there, you will feel the negative emotion go away in that moment. And the negative emotions go away— in that moment your energy has shifted. And your new point of attraction has begun. Everything is about the way you are flowing en-ergy. Everything is about what you are attracting. And you now know where you are in every moment.

So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, this is the way we would approach our physical life from this point forward. We would make more decisions in every day about what we are wanting. Because, as you make more decisions, you alert all of the universe to you. The entire universe becomes aware that you want this thing. And every resource that you have which includes everyone and every thing in the universe begins to focus upon you relative to that desire. You don’t have to tell them—just let it be known yourself. And as you are then now knowing what you are wanting, your guidance system kicks in in a supreme manner. Your guidance system is now letting you know in every moment where you stand vibrationally relative to this new decision that you have made.

So that if you begin to diverge in terms of thought, word, or action, from this new decision that you have just made you will receive a negative warning bell that lets you know-you said you want this but you’re vibrating this. Wanna make a new decision? You said you wanted this, just this morning in your affirmation. We heard you say you want this, but right now you’re thinking, vibrating, feeling this way. Wanna make a new decision? Yeah, I think I will. I can feel that I’m flowing my energy in opposition to what I’m wanting. What is it that I’m wanting? Then make your statement of desire again. Speak it again. Talk about why you want it. FEEL the energy come right back into place with you.

Oh, friends, it is so exciting once you begin to feel the deliberateness of flow-ing energy. You think it’s fun to be strong enough that you can pick a lot of things up and move them around. WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN FEEL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE FLOW-ING WITH YOUR DESIRE.

There is nothing more exhilarating than to be physically focused in an environ-ment with so many other participants. There is so much data, so much information, so much movement, so much stuff, so much mass that you have ability to move with the power of your thought and energy flow-there is not an arena anywhere in the universe that a creator takes greater delight in than right here and now where you are. It is like a playshop beyond description.

SO when you feel negative emotion, it doesn’t mean anything other than right now I’ve just picked up the wrong tool. In other words, it’s sort of like picking up the screwdriver that has the little straight edge instead of the little star edge. In other words, it doesn’t mean anything! Don’t be so hard on yourself. This is not a big thing. This is a process of sort of see sawing yourself forward into ecstasy and into joy and into contentment and into growth. There is no right answer, there is no ONE right answer. There are MILLIONS of right answers. And the fun is in putting the answers together that work best, you see.

You’re getting the sense of all of this? You can’t do it wrong, you can’t mess it up. You can disconnect from clarity, but SO WHAT? It’s only momentary. It’s only as long as it takes you to realize you’ve done it, and recognize you don’t want it—and then re-identify what you do want.

You might trip and fall. When you see your little babies learning to walk— remem-ber that? When he fell down, did you say, “Get up, you little dummy!” Or did you say, “That’s all right.” Did you worry about him not ever being able to get up, or did you know that he would? You see he had within him a wanting. He didn’t need you. He had a wanting and one way or another he was going to figure out how to do it, you see. And one way or another you’ll figure out how to do it too. You don’t need us.

The advantage that we bring to you is that we remind you of things you already know. And the advantage that you bring to the Universe is that you remind others in even more physical graphic terms of what they already know.

We have enjoyed very much this interaction. We have moved beyond, on a number of topics, beyond that which has been in this arena or any other. We feel tremendous appreciation for your willingness to participate, not only in this room, not only in this forum, but in this physical experience. You brought to this room today with you all of the experience that you have gathered along your physical trail. And without that physical experience that you have gathered, whether you liked it or not, you would not be who you are contributing in this magnificent way in the here and now.

There will come a time when you will be like your inner being is now-you will look back on even those most miserable of experiences that you have lived, and you will be able to see only the value in them.

There will be a time when you won’t be wanting to talk about any of the things that hurt you at the time they were happening, because as you regurgitate them in the here and now you will feel them hurting you again. But instead, from those memories, that little twinge of something that hurt, you will remember something much greater, you will remember the conclusion that you drew out of it. You will remember the new decision that you made from it, and you will remember the stronger effort that you made to flow your energy toward that new decision. You will remember your successes.

Do you know that when you die, when you re-emerge into nonphysical (there is not death, you know that) but when you re-emerge into nonphysical, and you look back on your experience, it’s only the parties, it’s only the ecstasies, it’s only the high times that you remember? Those are the only times you will have access to. You only are able to acknowledge the triumphs of your physical experience. So we cannot imagine why, as you are physically focused, that you would spend any time doing anything other than that. Have fun with all of this. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

Abraham 6-5-93






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