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We want you to FEEL us rippling with pleasure, in acknowledgement of THE PERFECTION, EVOLVING PERFECTION, that is YOU!

There is nothing that we want you to do that you are not doing, but it is our powerful desire that you find a way of LOVING YOURSELF MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY, and more tomorrow than today.

We want you to acknowledge WHO you are, and make peace with WHERE you are, because there is no comparison that is valid OTHER than your relationship with your OWN NEW IDEAS.

Love others in their uniqueness, and try to manage them not at all.

Love yourself in your uniqueness, and try to conform not at all!

And as you move through your day to day experience, let the prayer on your lips be:

You are magnificent in your differences, and there is great love here for you!


Special thanks to Ingrid Haga for this quote.




Those are the components that are necessary for anything that you want to achieve.

If you’ve got DESIRE & DOUBT, your desire cannot be manifested.

If you have DESIRE & FEAR, or DESIRE & ANGER, no cigar.



So what’s the missing factor? Allowing.

And what is present when allowing is missing? Resistance.

And what is present when resistance is present? Negative Emotion.

Once you get this stuff, it gets easier and easier.

Just chill-out.

Let it go.
Let go of control.
Trust in the process.

Know that you’re getting it right.
Know that Source is on it.
Know that feeling good IS the answer.
Know that feeling good IS what you’re reaching for.
Feeling good IS the work!

Any excuse in the world that you can find to feel good.”

~Abraham “Think & Get Slim” DVD 2009

Special thanks to Vince Furfaro for this quote



“My true work is to prepare my Grid right here and now – which means, in the broadest and most important of terms…

I am one who loves.
I am one who loves you.
I am one who loves me.
I am one who loves life.
I am one who laughs.
I am one who’s easy.
I am one who trusts.
I am one who expects Well-Being.
I am one who anticipates good things.
I am one who’s blessed.
I am one who feels my worthiness.

I’ve proven this to myself over and over again.

I am in the middle of good things all the time.

I am the center of the Universe.

Everyone and everything around me is conspiring to make this moment even better.

That’s the preparation of the Grid!

And if you make that what matters everything else will just fall into place. ”

~Abraham 2012 Asheville, NC

Special thanks to Ellen Lazanas for the quote and Judy Winters for the photo.



“Life is about finding moments that feel good.

Sometimes feeling good is finding something interesting.

Sometimes feeling good is finding something humorous.

Sometimes feeling good is finding something pleasant.

There are endless combinations for the living of life.

The better you feel, the more you are allowing — right here, right now — that which is Source, to live life with you.

Source is always living life with you, but — when you feel good — you’re letting yourself live the life that Source is living because of the contrast that you are living.”

~Abraham July 27, 2005 Sacramento, CA


“In your KNOWLEDGE of its DONEness of its ISness,
there´s an absence of resistance,

to REVEAL itself to you,
in all of those DELICIOUS WAYS.

Non-physical is standing there with the ISness
of what you´ve been asking for,
REVELING IN IT, appreciating the creation of it!

Acknowledging your relationship WITH the creation of it,
watching for an opportunity to give you a glimpse of your creation,


Special thanks to Ingrid Haga for this quote.


“It’s just ME & MY SIGNAL!
Where I came from doesn’t matter.
How I came to this desire doesn’t matter.
Where I lived before doesn’t matter.
All that matters is the FRESHNESS of the DESIRE.
What trips you up is, you explain WHY you’re offering a signal.
People like to EXPLAIN. “This is how I got to where I am”
And if you’re explaining, you’re referencing the past, where you have no power. And if you stay there long enough, you achieve harmony with it, which equals your Point of Attraction.
The Universe is NOT asking you for your REALISM.
The Universe is asking you for your SIGNAL.
That’s the most important thing you’ve ever heard from us.”

~Abraham April 25, 1998 Detroit, Michigan

Special thanks to Vince Furfaro for this quote


“If you can bring yourself into Emotional Alignment with what you eat, it will serve you every time.

If you make PEACE with everything that you eat — NO MATTER WHAT IT IS — you’ll thrive.

Make peace with the food Vibrationally, before you ingest it.

But when you ingest food that you have not made peace with, you’re taking an ACTION JOURNEY that does not match your VIBRATIONAL JOURNEY.

And what’s happening in your body right now, is about your EMOTIONAL JOURNEY, NOT ABOUT THE FOOD YOU’RE EATING.”

Abraham 1996 Phoenix, Arizona

Special thanks to Vince Furfaro for this quote.

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We want you to realize that there is a vibrational version of all things that you’ve been thinking about, especially those things you’ve been thinking about with any sort of consistency. There are all of these vibrational versions which have not manifested as completely as they can or will if you consistently offer vibration about them. These vortices, or vibrational versions, exist in a reality that you can’t see, but you can sense. You can sense them through your emotions. When you feel fearful, that feeling of fear is your indication that, in this moment, you’ve tapped in to one of those vortices, that, if you were to maintain your attention on it, and you were to maintain your feeling of fear around it, there would be a fearful manifestation. If you feel overwhelmed, that’s an indicator that you’ve tapped in to one of those vortices, that, if you maintain your attention on that subject, overwhelming experiences are going to come your way. Not only have you launched these momentums of thought, but you now have, in this moment, a personal vibrational relationship with them. We’ve been calling that your point of attraction. Your point of attraction means that what you’ve got going on right now, what’s active in your vibration, which means as little as 17 seconds of thought about it makes it active. So as you activate a thought here and now, whatever vortex applies is going to gain more momentum.So we say you get what you think about. You get what you talk about whether you want it or not. So we’re explaining to you how the vibrational versions of things actually begin to gain enough momentum that they manifest in your experience. Your point of attraction is about how you’re feeling right here and now. And how you’re feeling right here and now is about what thought you’re thinking, what vibration you have active. So, in order to help you to feel it or see it, we’ve been describing these discs. We’re calling them your grid, which means something that will fill in later. It’s your vibrational point of attraction.There’s a vibrational version out there that you’ve given birth to, and now there’s a vibrational version that you’re offering right now. And if you keep in the now offering the version that matches one of those versions, then it’s going to manifest in your experience.So we just want you to focus a little bit on your realization that your mood indicates what grid you’re on.Abraham Hicks in Chicago Oct. 31, 2013



The skill is to have desire that you’re not trampling with doubt. To have desire that you believe.

~Abraham February 8, 2014 San Diego, CA Special thanks to Barbara Vivino for this quote.



We want you to understand life just gets better and better and better. It is not possible for you to become diminished beings. You CANNOT go back, as a civilization, or as an individual, or as Source Energy. You can never be less than life has caused you to become.

You DO NOT need to worry about the fading of your planet. You DO NOT need to worry about the polar icecaps melting. You DO NOT need to worry about this planet disintegrating. This planet is in vibrational hands of Source Energy. And we’re not kidding you about that. It’s not just because we are wanting you to believe in some fru fru God that some of you do and some of you don’t. We are wanting you to understand that the Laws of the Universe INSIST on expansion. And all is really VERY, VERY WELL. Abraham 



I just wanna BE…

I don’t wanna EXPLAIN anything to ANYBODY I don’t wanna explain where I’ve BEEN I don’t want to explain where I am GOING I don’t want to explain how fast I’m gonna GET there I just wanna BE… It’s just ME … and the SOURCE within me… Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, 01.02.2014 With thanks to Olga Farber and Michael Buttgereit




The contrast of your environment is what inspires your new desires, and the new desire is the summoning of all things. In other words, when you ask, it is given. So, when contrast gives birth to a desire, that desire has summoning power, and that summoning power is life force. You know how that works, don’t you? The variety of your life literally causes you to give birth to new preferences and, when you do, Energy — Source Energy — flows from Source, through you, to your new idea. And that Source Energy part of you then calls you toward it. The call of Source is all about that. In other words… Talk about a Current! Talk about an Energy Stream! Talk about inspiration! Talk about an impulse! Talk about a Stream that’s flowing so magnificently that it takes quite a bit of effort to NOT go in the direction of it. It’s a POWERFUL Stream! So when you go with the flow of that Stream, we call that Allowing — Allowing yourself to stay up to speed with what life has caused all of you to become. And when you don’t go with the flow of the Stream, we call that resistance — and that resistance is something that you learn along your physical trail. It’s hard work to be in a state of resistance! And we say: Why not just turn your boat in the direction of the Stream and go with the flow? NOTHING THAT YOU WANT IS UPSTREAM! ~Abraham “From Grief to Joy” (DVD) 1510846_646728652053678_723368729_n


”Nothing is more exhilarating than to dance through life recognizing that the Universe is there to yield to you whatever you want whenever you want it.”

~Abraham Hicks 1506595_209307492609166_1588528179_n


EVIL DOES NOT EXIST You are all perfect and expanding; you are all adored and worthy; you are all here having your exposure to experiences and doing the best that you can from where you are. You have not been sent here in a test or trial; you’re here as creators as part of an expanding Universe. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have, at the root of that which you are, Well-Being, and then have that same root of Well-Being have the capacity to pronounce you evil. It is vibrationally impossible. That judging, vengeful God is manufactured from humans’ place of deepest despair. Abraham

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If you find the love and appreciation and spin on that disc then things and experiences will come out of the wood work to demonstrate your point of attraction.

Abraham  1/2/14 Phoenix, AZ 1509773_706743849370132_524066506_n


Anybody who is doing anything because they are supposed to do it, is missing the essence of life.

Anybody who is doing something because it feels good to do it, is finding the essence of life.

Abraham Hicks



Sexuality in its purest form is what Source Energy really is. There is no difference in the energy of that which you call sexuality and in the energy of that which you call the pure essence of that which you are….Sex is discussed from alot of different vantage points, it means different things to different people. We’ve teased you a little bit, but we really mean it: Your sexuality is important to the perpetuation of that which you are, and that is why you were born with such a drive about it. In the same way that thirst encourages you to give the cells of your body something that they want and need, sexuality is the same thing….

~Abraham Hicks~

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And that’s what you came for. You didn’t come to fix things that are broken or to find things that are unknown or to know things you don’t know. All of that is happening of course. But that was not your reason! You came because life on the Path of Least Resistance is a delicious state of being. And you are in love with life and you are in love with you and you are in love with being in love with life! ~Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton, FL, 01/18/14

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Contrast is GOOD! Contrast is GOOD! Contrast is GOOD! Contrast is the thing that propels me into THE MORE. And if THE MORE is GOOD, then the thing that propels me into THE MORE is GOOD. So, if I’m not standing in the place that I want to be, am I in the wrong place? Or, am I in a good place, am I in the right place? You’re never gonna get it done, and we think that’s the flawed premise that so many of our human friends are functioning under. You’ve got some sort of misunderstanding that you’re supposed to get it done. You’re always gonna have stuff to do. And the stuff that you have to do always has the potential of being surprising and delightful. ~Abraham February 16, 2013 Long Beach, CA

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The source within you does not worry about your child and, when you do, you introduce resistance. Abraham  1/2/14 Phoenix, AZ

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We want you to REMEMBER

That there is an ATMOSPHERE of Well-Being That surrounds you at EVERY level of your being There just are not enough WORDS To express to you fully enough The BIGNESS of this Well-Being That is focussed upon you FLOWING to you and through you If you will ALLOW it At ALL times !!! And so … your predominant WORK If you are to LIVE as you intended to live If you are to be as you intended to BE If you are to FEEL as you intended to feel…. You must find ways of Softening your BARRICADES Softening your GUARDEDNESS Softening your UNWILLINGNESS To allow that WELL-BEING to… (Penetrate is too powerful of a word but…) To penetrate your energy SHELL and allow EVERYTHING that you’ve been asking for Abraham LIVE, Boca Raton, 18.01.2014 Transcript & Picture by Michael Buttgereit 

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