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Rampage of Appreciation

“I bet there are many people at one time who were standing financially where I
am, who broke through this, and found a stream of abundance.
I can feel the stream of abundance approaching me because things that have
never happened for me are beginning to show up, so I know my vibration around
money is improving.
There’s no end to what that improvement will be and it’s going to be fun for me
over the next few days to watch different evidences showing me that I’m really
sniffing out the trail of abundance.
I accept that 99.99% of every creation is complete before I see any physical
evidence so it’s alright if it doesn’t flow into my hands this red hot minute – I can
be patient here a little bit.
I’ve learned to settle in here and I’m alright in waiting for this, and I’m actually
beginning to feel my impatience turning to a little bit of eagerness.
It’s going to be exciting to watch how the Universe displays to me the way that is
meaningful, where I can consciously recognize that my energy is shifting.
I can feel that even in this conversation I’m having with myself that I’m moving
systematically into that stream of money that I am wanting.
I’m not asking for it to come all at once although it can.
I’m asking it to come through my crack of least resistance which I’m working on
right now.
It’s exciting to me to anticipate the adventure, and the surprises, and the ways in
which it will flow.
I’m appreciating already my knowledge about my own guidance system and I’m
appreciating my understanding of the law of attraction.
I’m appreciating of the people who are showing, in a demonstrative way, that
abundance can flow into their experience. And I’m looking forward to meeting
people who can tell me their stories about how they were in desperate straits not
very long ago and then money began to flow.
I like hearing from them, especially the part where they say, “I can’t believe that it
was always there for me, or I have the sensation of oh, where have you been all
In other words it’s an interesting thing to be on one side of the manifestation in
one moment, and on the other side of the manifestation in the other moment,
and I’m looking forward to breaking through that.
But in the meantime I’m happy to be on this side of the manifestation because I’m
feeling better, and better, and better. I’ve improved my life in so many different ways and I’m eager to begin to see the
stream of money flow into my experience.
I know that I’m worthy of it, I know that that’s not what the question is. I know
now that I’ve just been a little bit vibrationally out of whack.
I can feel that conversations that I’m having with myself, like this, are bringing me
vibrationally into alignment.
I’m understanding that my work is this emotional journey. It’s not about getting
out there and beating the pavement. It’s not about finding the vortex, the specific
vortex through which the money will flow.
I don’t want any one specific vortex – I want many vortexes to open.
I want to be the focal point where enormous sums of money begin to flow into
my experience.
I’ve activated my imagination – there’s no end to my ideas and what I will do with
this stream of money.
It’s great fun! I love the idea of playing the game where I’m spending the money.
I love the sensation of the money being in my pocket.
I love the sensation of expressing it out there into the Universe.
I love the economy that I benefit as I hire one more to do one more thing, or as I
buy one more thing and bring it home.
But most of all I enjoy the sensation of freedom, and it’s interesting to note that I
am having that sensation of freedom right now, even though my dollars have not
changed at all in this moment.
I’ve broken through the emotional journey – I can feel that I’ve cleaned up my
I’m much closer – maybe that 70% of that 99.99% is in place.
I’m willing to play this game. Who wouldn’t want to play this game? It’s
exhilarating to play this game. It’s life giving to play this game. I could play this
game all day – every day.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that, won’t it be nice when I have that, won’t it be
nice if I have that.
I feel such appreciation for the abundance that’s flowing into my experience.
There’s abundance that’s flowing into me in so many ways.
I have the abundance of clarity, I have the abundance of stamina, I have the
abundance of health, I have the abundance of friends, I have the abundance of so
many things.
And now the Universe is getting ready to give me the abundance of dollars. The
abundance to be able to prove to myself that I’m in alignment with all that I want. And it’s true that there’s nothing that I cannot be, or do, or have.
“That’s what I want most of all,” I say to the Universe. “I want personal
acknowledgement that there is nothing I cannot be, or do, or have. And money is
part of it – it might even be a big part of it.”
I can feel money on its way to me and I’m grateful for it even as it begins to flow,
and I’m proud of myself for the work I am doing, and I’m eager to improve where
I am and I’m happy where I am.
I’m doing very well – I’ve come so far.
I’m proud of where I am.
I know that the Universe sees me as I am.
I can get on these rampages any time I want to.
I’m going to work on these rampages more and more because they just feel so
darn good.
In fact, in a rampage like this, where the money comes or not, right now, this red
hot minute, is no big issue to me.
I know it’s coming – I’m not even wondering if it’s coming. I’m not hoping that it’s
coming – I’m not even believing that it’s coming – I know it’s coming – it’s just a
matter of time. No! It’s not even a matter of time. It’s just a matter of my
alignment with what I want and it’s alright that I want it.
Time/space/reality is giving me the ability to discern it.
I’ve launched rockets of desire and they’re over there pulsing with me. And
Source and Inner Being are in alignment with them saying, “Come this way, come
this way, come this way, come this way, come this way.” I can tell by the thoughts
that I’m thinking right now – I have come that way!
I’m there – I’m there vibrationally and now let the money roll in!!!”

Abraham Hicks


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