Rampage for creating money


Q: I am not ready for receiving in a shorter time …
A: Aaarrrgghhhh…
Q; Okay alright
A: It’s alright, it’s alright you can’t get this wrong but we are going to play with you because shorter time is focused right on what’s not happening, so you already got a big wobble going. And if we proceed from a big wobble, we’re going to get a really big wobble going here and there’s no satisfaction in that. Why put us all through that?
Q: Okay, fine. So, this is how I feel …how does it feel to have $36,000 dollars….I’m just so excited.
A: Are you in need of $36,000 dollars?
Q: No, I’m not.
A: You’re creating it from nowhere?
Q: Out of the nothing, out of the nowhere.
A: So why a paltry $36,000 dollars, when you are completely unlimited, completely unlimited.
I believe in this expansive Universe,
I believe that if this time space reality can inspire it, it can deliver it
I have big dreams,
There is so much that I am eager about experiencing,
Prosperity follows the heels of alignment,
And I’m discovering alignment,
What has happened in my past has no relevance to what’s happening in my future,
Because my current vibration is everything and I’m current in my offering,
My vibrational offering is current,
I’ve been riding the wave of this alignment for a few days now
And I can feel the shifting within my being,
I can feel this clear path between myself and my desire,
And I’m happy that my desire will continue to expand,
I’m wise enough not to throw desire out too far beyond the boundaries of my accepting and believing,
But I’m eager about that desire expanding and proving its relevance to me again and again and again,
I accept my worthy nature and I do not accept that what has been has been in defiance of my worthiness,
I believe that my worthiness has always been a factor within me that I have not perceived fully,
Now I am perceiving it fully,
And now that I have that factor of worthiness and self-respect and expectation of well-being powerfully within myself,
Now I know that the Universe is going to allow me to perceive even more,
I get it that creating this money is more about me perceiving the path to it,
And I get it that my perception of this path is about me soothing myself along that trail,
Not about me hyping myself up to it, it’s not about the words that I say,
It’s about this steady sureness of well-being that I feel within myself,
I know that I am good, I know that the Law of Attraction is real,
I know that the Universe is abundant,
I know that it is expanding for me,
I felt this for a very long time,
When I was born into this time-space reality, I could feel the prosperity trajectory that was mine,
It is seemed off to me any moment that I was not upon it,
And I’m delighted to be back on this track,
I expect well-being to show itself to me,
Not only once; in an incremental, steady, evolving, unfolding, natural perfect state,
I embrace and accept whatever ways the Universe wants to flood this abundance to me ,
And I fully anticipate it to come on the heels of ideas that are flowing to me from this state of knowing the well-being and the perfection and the worthiness of that which is ME.
I say to the Universe: “HERE I AM, BRING IT ON”
Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun March 2014

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