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We’re going to start where you are and build you into the vibration that is necessary for you to be or do or have anything that you want!

I am beginning to understand that I am more than I see here in this physical body.

I acknowledge that there is a larger part of me, a source energy part of me, that is truly the essence of who I am.

And I accept that a part of that consciousness is now flowing in this physical body — and so there is a sort of duality going on within me where I have this stable beginning and becoming — and then there is the part of me that is focused here in this physical body, and I understand with clarity the value of the two parts of that which I am.

I can feel the Eternalness of who I really am.

And I can feel the specifics of who I am in this human form on this Leading Edge time space platform.

And I am beginning to feel appreciation for the contrast that surrounds me — that once I condemned, now I embrace — because I can feel that the contrast is inspiring yet another new idea from me.

And I remember feeling, a new idea being born within me and hating the birthing of it because it was an idea that I did not believe and therefore it brought me pain.

But now I’m experiencing the thrill of giving birth to ideas.

And even though I don’t know how or when or who or where, I don’t have the details of how it will unfold, I do have faith or belief in the Laws of the Universe.

And I am knowing that I am a Creator who having given birth to this idea will be given all of the advantages of the resources of source in order to accomplish it.

So while I stand in this place of wanting something that I have no way of figuring out how it’s going to be, I am feeling soothed in the awareness of it.

No, more than soothed.

I not only feel soothed about having given birth to an idea of something that I want I’m feeling enlivened by it because the larger part of me knows unequivocally that I am the creator of my own experience.

And that larger part of me is not only looking at it and agreeing with it but has become the Vibrational equivalent of it.

In fact, the larger part of me has already become what I’m asking for and so now it’s only a matter of the rest of me catching up with it.

And now that I know what I know, I don’t think this is going to be too much trouble.

When I move in the direction of catching up with it I feel better and when I move in opposition of catching up with it I feel worse.

And I am so sensitive to the way I am feeling these days.

I’m so proud of myself because I’m aware of when I’m going with the flow and when I’m not.

I’m aware of when I’m moving downstream and when I’m moving upstream.

I can feel when I’m letting myself be who I’ve become, and I can feel when I’m not letting myself be who I’ve become.

And I’m no longer mad at myself in the moments that I’m not letting myself be who I’ve become, because those moments only help me to know the difference in the guidance system.

I can feel I’m actually molding the clay.

I’m finally in the place where I don’t need to be the manifested receiver of everything that I want all at once because I know that it is all coming.

That it will never be a time when I am not sending more rockets of desire into my future.

I’m finally beginning to get it, that I never get it done and I cannot get it wrong because everything that I’m living is causing an expansion.

And I can tell by the way I feel whether I’m moving toward that expansion or not.

Finally, I’m beginning to understand that it was never about the fulfillment or manifestation anyway.

These things that I want are only my target to focus upon so that I can ride this river of life.

I am fulfilled in the knowing that I am expanding and I am thrilled in the knowledge that I will never get it done and I am satisfied, deeply satisfied with where I am.

I’m thrilled in knowing that I am where I am and that I ‘m putting the boat in the water wherever I am.

And my knowledge that the Stream is flowing downstream, ever flowing toward all that I have become, is enough for me to feel satisfaction in where I am.

No more will I nitpick as I measure the distance between where I am and where I want to be.

Instead I flow on this joyous river and experience the exhilarating feeling of motion toward my expansion.

I can feel that the Source within me loves me and adores me and has become the expanded version and I can feel that’s there’s no remorse or discomfort whatsoever in the being of my Source.

My Source not for a moment looks at me and not for a moment compares where I am to where it is and mocks me in the not achievement.

Instead, the Source within me that has expanded as a result of what I have lived, stands in loving appreciation of all that I have become and calls me never endedly toward it.

And now I get it, that that’s what life is, that the duality of me, that the Source energy that was willing to come forth that expanded out further and now the physical part of me that’s willing to catch up.

I now get my place in this Universe.

I’m important to the expansion of the Universe and it’s time for me to receive the benefit of my expansion.

And now I know how.

Special thanks to Candace O’Connor for this transcript.

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I like feeling my power.

I like feeling my clarity.

I like feeling my ability to focus.

I like focusing.

I like thinking.

I love Law of Attraction.

I love Momentum.

I love how Law of Attraction brings momentum to a thought.

I love choosing a thought that’s easy.

I like empowerment.

I love how the feeling of empowerment tends to move easily into a thought of invincibility.

I love the feeling of power in invincibility.

I love feeling invincible.

I love feeling invincible.

I love the power of directing my thought.

I love law of attraction.

I love what it brings.

I love how it trickles down through everything.

I love how it creates the center of my point of attraction.

I like knowing how my body responds.

First and foremost, I like the power of my mind.

I like the power of thought.

I like thinking.

I like the feeling of clarity.

I love clear thoughts.

I love the power of a clear thought.

I like non-diluted energy.

I love not introducing resistance.

I love choosing thoughts on purpose.

I love clarity.

I love the feeling of clarity and power and invincibility.

I love the way these words feel in my body.

I love the energy run that I’m getting.

Are you getting an energy run from this?

I love the feeling of energy moving in my body.

I love the cellular response that my body is giving me in response to the focused words that I’ve got going on here.

I can feel the power of my mind and how it is affecting the first order of business which is my physical apparatus.

I love knowing that I don’t have to understand how my body is working at all.

I just have to find a word that feels good, focus upon it long enough, hold a focus upon it until the law of attraction brings enough Momentum to it that the current…the energy that creates worlds…is focused to me and through me.

I love knowing that I am a focusing mechanism, and that when I focus outward into this world that I can focus this energy toward anything that I am wanting to, and that my physical apparatus benefits in the process.

I love being a focusing being.

I love focusing.

I love clarity.

I love milking it.

I love staying there.

I can stay there all day.

I don’t need to move from these handful of words – they are so rich and deep in what they’re doing to me.

I love this feeling of invincibility.

It feels to me that I could pick any subject and just think about it and power would just flow through me toward it.

I love this world.

I love this wonderful world.

I love all of the people in this world.

I love the invincibility that I feel.

I love knowing that we are all the creators of our own experience.

I love knowing that Well-Being is dominant, and I love knowing how I can personally tap into Well-Being…and how easy it is.

It’s so easy to tap in to Well-Being.

I can start anywhere that feels good and just stay there focused longer until it becomes more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

I used to think, I used to go to these seminars because I wanted to think in order to produce results…

Now I go because I like the emotional results that my thinking produces.

That’s enough for me!

Oh I know that that stuff comes too, but that’s not why I think.

I think for the energy run in my body in the moment that I’m thinking.

I think for the rush of thinking, for the clarity of thinking, for the fun of thinking.

People all over this planet saying, “What in the world are you talking about? You haven’t said anything, you’ve said five words and you think you’re powerful?”

We think you’re powerful with those five words, yes we do.

And then, once you play that game for a little while…once that’s what you’ve stabilized within you, once you’ve established that as your Vibrational frequency…now you walk around in the world and people that are on that frequency flock to you…the people that aren’t, are moving away from you.

You just can’t get anybody that’s not on your frequency to come to you, nor would you want to.

And, the ones that are on your frequency, you could not drive them away because your powerful point of attraction is calling them too close to you, calling them right to you, you see?

And so then they come with their ideas…Co-Creation at its best.

You find yourself dovetailing with all manner of beings.

You begin rendezvousing even with past thoughts and experiences.

Everything that shores up this Vibrational frequency, that you’ve decided is important to you, comes to you, until you’re so stable there.

And then the world says to you, “Would you like to take this stability into a place that you’ve never been before?”

Well then, consider this…THIS IS NEW…it won’t shake you from your stability, but it will EXCITE you, it will IGNITE you, because you’re expanding into a NEW PLACE.


Thanks to Abe A Mania transcribing this Rampage and to Fireball Lisa for sharing it.

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