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The nice thing about life is that life will keep calling you forward. That’s the reason that we are encouraging a tuning into your own guidance, and then letting life produce for you your own personal preferences, and then using your guidance to make your way into the direction of them. In other words, if we were standing in your physical shoes that would be our formula for life. We would say things like:

Alright. I get it that I’m here with purpose. And I understand that I’m an extension of Source Energy.

And I get it that, as an extension of Source Energy, I am extending to places that Source has not been before.

And that’s why I’m willing to expose myself to broader contrast in order to give birth to rockets of desire that have not been as precisely expressed before.

I get it – we would say – in my physical form that I am new unto this moment co-creating with others who are also.

And together we are collectively producing new desires that the time-space reality has not yielded before.

And in the moment of the birthing of the new desire that Source is on it, that the Energy starts moving, that the things start lining up, the stars align, the Energy flows, the Energy that creates Worlds is all flowing in the direction of it.

And now, I have the option, as the birther of the desire, I have the option in this moment to go in the direction of the desire that I’ve just given birth to or to hold back in some way. And my emotions tell me what I’m doing.

And, if it is my desire – and it is – to feel good because that’s what feels innately most natural to me, then I’m gonna lean in the direction of the path of least resistance.

I’m going to find the thoughts that feel the best. I’m going to trust, rather than doubt. I’m going to believe, rather than worry. I’m going to laugh, rather than cry. I’m going to soothe, rather than jab with a poker. I’m going to soothe myself, and I’m going to soothe others, as best as I can, into Alignment.

And I’m going to prove to myself that Law of Attraction is real. And that Source has me in their sights. And that I am adored, that I am blessed, that I am loved. I’m gonna prove that to myself.

And then, we would mix it up in life, we would launch rockets and we would consciously acknowledge, “I desire this.” And then we would shore up our desire by acknowledging that: I desire something that I don’t totally believe because it’s new and I haven’t done it before, but I believe in the concept, I believe in the Law of Attraction, I believe in the essence of this, I believe that I can demonstrate it.

And, as you stand in that belief: I don’t know how it’s gonna come, I don’t know where it’s gonna come from, I don’t know who is gonna bring it, I don’t know when it’s gonna get here, I don’t know what the path is gonna be. But I do know these things…

I know the path will unfold, is unfolding.

I know that I’m sensitive enough to my guidance to know whether I’m on it or not on it.

I believe that It’s gonna be fun. I believe that it’s gonna be fun. I believe that it is being fun. I believe that this is fun. This is fun, you know, this is fun, this is fun.

It’s fun being the creator of my own reality. It’s satisfying being the creator of my own reality.

I like knowing that everyone is the creator of their own reality. I like the constant demonstration of that.

I like knowing what I now know, and being privy to hearing the words that person is speaking, and seeing the results that they are getting, and understanding the correlation.

I love being privy to the emotions that I’ve been feeling. I love knowing what my mood or attitude has been.

And I love seeing what that’s yielding to me. And I love knowing that I can change it if I care about that. I love molding it into place.

I love being the creator of my own reality. I like knowing that I’m the creator of my own reality. I like knowing that everybody is.

I like knowing that there are lots of people that have gone before and they’ve all been doing their version of that.

And I like knowing that it’s at its greatest Momentum ever NOW. I like being on this Leading-Edge.

I like doing such a good job of tending to my vibration that I’m now finding as my neighbors, and as my book-reading partners, others who are in the vibrational vicinity of that-which-I-am.

I like this step 4 living. I like us thriving together and yet still reaching for more, and thriving still further and yet reaching for more. I love being solution oriented.

I love knowing that the Universe is responding to the vibration that I am emitting. And I love knowing that I can emit the vibration purposefully, and I love demonstrating that to myself.

And I am – most of all – enjoying the ease of it now that I’ve got the hang of it. I love practicing it. I love the never-ending demonstration of it.

I love the cooperative components in the Universe. I love knowing how many eyes are on me, and how many different ways they are finding to surprise and delight me, and to shore up with valid evidence of the vibration of my being.

I love knowing that not one other person is asserting anything into my experience – that it’s all on the heels of my personal attraction.

I love knowing that I ask, and that is the point of attraction that is being answered even though I might be personally sometimes holding myself apart from the very thing I’ve asked for.

I love knowing that my guidance lets me know when I do that in the form of negative emotion, and I love knowing how to soften that.

I love knowing when to dig in and think harder about something, and I love knowing when to just back off and think softer about it.

I love that feeling of control of the Momentum that I have. I love catching it in the early stages. I love getting better and better at this.

I like it when others are watching me and wonder how it is that things are working out for me in the way that they are. I love demonstrating my understanding of Law of Attraction.

I love holding them as my object of attention when I’m tuned in to Source Energy, and I love the improvement that I’m beginning to see in their lives.

I love recognizing the power of influence I have when I’m positively focused on things that I care deeply about.

Nothing feels better than to find something that I care deeply about, and tuning into Source, and then thinking about it.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than to use this power that creates worlds for the creation of things that are important to me.

And then, oh, there’s that other thing that’s happening to me – that feeling of worthiness, that feeling of right place, right time, that feeling of all things working out for me always, that feeling that everything is good for everyone to the degree that we allow it to be.

So glad I made this decision to come into this physical body, so glad that I’m an extension of Source Energy, so glad that what I’m doing here is benefitting Source as well, so happy that we are all in this together, so happy that we are all consciousness expressing ourselves in a variety of ways and bouncing off of each other for the purpose of further expansion, so glad we are Eternal, Eternal – you only like that when you happy though […laughter…] – so glad that I found the path to Eternal happiness.

I can tune into the pure vibration of who-I-am and express myself here-and-now, watching those little kids, they so know it. “What now? What’s fun now? Now what fun thing can we do? What’s fun now? What’s fun now?” “No, you’re supposed to be responsible.” “No I’m not! […laughter…] No, I know that’s not, that’s not what they told me, that’s not what I remember, and that’s not what I want, and that’s not how it’s going down with me. […laughter…] I want fun. I want interest. I wanna feel good.”

Yeah. Really good.



Transcript by Esmée La Fleur

Copyright by Esther Hicks

 — with Ingrid Love Louderback.

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