Receiving inspiration from transitioned relatives


Receiving inspiration from relatives transitioned into non-physical
“When those (inspired) thoughts come to you, it’s not only because someone is thinking them and you are picking on them…that’s for sure happening, but the TIMING of it is really really important cause he’s presenting that thought to you in a precise moment that he knows that if you take action right then and there, in other words, if in that moment that’s when you make the call, you’re going to rendezvous with this other person when she’s in a vibrational place that she’s gonna be receptive to it.
If you get the impulse and you say “Oh yeah, I need to do that” and you make a note of it “Assistant, please at some point or later when I have time…”.
Sometimes even though you receive the inspiration and it was really on point and at exactly the perfect thing, if you put off the response to it you might not get the result from the other person because they’re usually not stable in their vibration like you are.
This is important, did you hear it?
TIMING is EVERYTHING, because everything is happening NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW. So when you get an inspiration about something to do with someone else, the inspiration that you’re getting is happening NOW, which means NOW is the window, NOW. Not tomorrow when you have more time, not after you get that other long list of things done, NOW. The window in which you receive the inspiration is the window in which the best application of the action is.
That’s good to know, isn’t it?
So as you follow through on those impulses, when you get an impulse to call someone, or text someone, or contact someone, do it THEN, not LATER. That’s the WINDOW. If you don’t do it then because you’ve got other things that are going on, other things that make you believe that now isn’t the time that you can do it, sometimes then when you follow through, you don’t get the results that you hoped for and then you don’t trust your own guidance. Then you think “oh I’m sure my Inner Being told me to do that and that didn’t turn out well”.
And we say: “Yeah your Inner Being encouraged you to it NOW, not LATER, today when she’s in a good mood not tomorrow when she’s in a bad mood.”

Abraham Hicks, Canary Island Cruise 09/21/2014

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