Satisfied and eager for more

“We want you to try reach for that feeling of “satisfied with where I am and eager for more”.
Have you ever gone to a movie that took you on an emotional roller coaster and just wore you out? It ended happily, but you were exhausted by the time it was over. And now, you’ve taken a friend to see the same movie, but you’re not having the emotional roller coaster because you know what’s at the end?

We KNOW what’s at the end. In other words, that’s why we’re steady in our awareness of where you’re going. You’ve got to reach for the steadiness that we know. You’ve got to stop freaking out over the things you don’t know and reach for the steadiness, reach for the unconditional steadiness. You gotta reach for the emotion of steadiness and certainty and sureness and absoluteness and invincibility. You gotta reach for those feelings and then watch what happens.”

Abraham hicks, London UK, 09/20/2014


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