Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance


“Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance. This is something NEW… We have not said this to ANYONE before !
We do not look out into your experience in a moment in time
when you are all bolt up in resistance and take that as our moment to spew our wisdom and inspiration
We don’t just have our channel turned on FULL VOLUME all the time, blasting out into the atmosphere, it’s not like throwing enough MUD on the wall and some of it will stick. It’s not like that at ALL !
We know WHO you are, we know WHERE you are, we know where you WANT to be. And our message is ALWAYS being offered to you
With the greatest LIKELIHOOD of you receiving it. You see…. So… that’s why it comes in DIFFERENT forms
That’s why sometimes other PEOPLE bring it to you.
It’s why sometimes it comes on the wing or song of a BIRD.
It’s why sometimes it comes to you out of a MEMORY or in a DREAM.
It’s coming in whatever way you will ALLOW it. You see?”
Abraham Hicks, 18/1 2014

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