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Take the time to line up

“If you’ve got split energy about something, you’re not very powerful. But if you’ll take the time to line up with who you are, if you will follow your path of least resistance, if you’ll take to heart what that really means, if you will care about how you feel[…] Read More →

Enhance your state of being

“What we would encourage that you do regarding everything that you are considering bringing into your experience, whether if it’s a new car, or a new friend or whatever, that you stop for a moment and asses as clearly as you can how that new whatever will affect your state[…] Read More →

Pointing out what is missing…

“When you’re pointing out what’s missing from your life that you want, you keep what’s missing active in your vibration and you prevent it from coming” Abraham Hicks, Phoenix AZ 12/06/2014