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The path for others

“Nothing ever really goes wrong, but there is a question about how much discomfort you are willing to put up with for yourself. And the answer to that really lies in how willing are you to follow your path and not work so hard in trying at make everybody else’s[…] Read More →

Give the mood you would like that person to have

“Take a look at your favorite person. Give that person the mood you would like that person to have. Make that person playful. Make that person beautiful. Make that person happy. Make that person in perfect vibrational harmony with you. And, together, go someplace you know the two of you[…] Read More →

It's not their job to get you

“When you have found alignment with Source When you have found the perfection of the personal blending with Who-You-Are, Looking for it in a conversation with a friend, is going back, Trying to find somebody that gets you, is going back, It’s not their job to get YOU, it’s their[…] Read More →