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The path is highlighted by Source to assist you

“You do always have options and you are at various times, at varying degrees of being sensitive enough to know what your options are. But if we can just get across to you in a way that you could really feel it and want to know it, that there always[…] Read More →

There is no pronouncement of judgment from Source

“There’s no pronouncement of judgment coming from Source, and if it’s coming from someone else, it’s just a misunderstanding on their part.” Abraham Hicks, San Antonio TX, 11/15/2014

You can't get it wrong

“There are so many unimportant things that you all worry about that you just beat up on yourself over and over and over, unnecessarily, you see… When there’s no judgment from what matters, you can’t get it wrong. You can’t be by your standards inappropriate enough that Source is going[…] Read More →