This is what unconditional love is


This is what conditional love is: 
When I look out into the world and I see that condition, I feel good so I’m experiencing love, but it’s a conditional love because I needed that condition to present itself to me and I needed to sift and sort to find that condition and now that I found that condition that causes me to feel good I feel love but it is a conditional love.
So when I see a condition that makes me feel good, my conditional love does feel good, but I see a condition that makes me feel bad, now I feel that I need to control that condition, but I can’t because it’s happening in another part of the world or it’s happening to someone else. So now my conditional love isn’t serving me very well because I cannot control the conditions.

What conditions can you control? What can you control?
You can control your relationship with Source
You can control the thought you think right now
You can control the momentum you get going
You can control waking up and looking for positive aspects
You can control how lovely you feel about yourself in time.
You can control that and that is what unconditional love is.

Unconditional love is never needing the conditions, never practicing needing the approval from out there but finding it where it’s always offered, because Source is loving you unconditionally.”

Abraham Hicks, Los Angeles CA, 02/22/2014

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