Will I know next time I'm born?



Q: Thank you for everything. When you become aware of the interrelationship of the Nonphysical you and the physical you in your lifetime, will you have an automatic awareness of this interrelationship in succeeding lifetime?

A: Well, from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, it never occurred to you that you wouldn’t have the awareness, because you know about the Guidance System. In other words, the reason that you feel the emotions that you feel, is because there are two vibrations going on within you that play off one another. So, you all come into this physical experience knowing that the continuation of who-you-are must be. And we think your question is wonderful.

So, here I am in my physical body, and I have a sense of who I was before, but I can’t really know. I don’t have memory; I can’t see a vision. And so, I can’t put any words to who I was before. And we say, well, just live some life, and if you live life in alignment with who-you-really-are, you’ll know it. And if you live life not in accordance with who-you-really-are, you’ll feel it.

You say, “What do you mean?” We say, well, lie to someone. Tell them something that you know isn’t true, with an intention of making their life harder, and feel how it feels. And you would say, “Doesn’t feel so good,” especially if this is a question you ask early on in life. The first lie you told, you took very hard. Not because it’s so wrong to lie, that’s not our point. But when you do something that you believe is inappropriate, you don’t feel good. In other words, your Guidance System was alive and well the moment you were born… Now, praise someone. Look for some value in something, and feel the difference in the way that feels. Show yourself who-you-really-are. And then, relax in the knowing that you can’t get away from who-you-are. You can’t get away.

A lot of people want to put it this way: They’ll tell the story, oh, they tell it dramatically. “Abraham,” they say, “I was born into such a horrible environment. And I learned all the wrong things. And I lost my self-esteem. And I lost track of who I am.” And we say, no, you didn’t.

Every negative emotion you ever felt let you know something was screwy—every one. The only thing that ever really goes wrong is when you convince yourself that how you feel doesn’t matter.
And so, if we were setting forth intentions for our next life, and next, and next, and next, it would be, I always want to be sensitive to the way I feel because that’s the way I’ll know whether I’m on my path, or not.

You will always know the way you feel. Now, your society might desensitize you to it. In other words, you might reach the place where you’re willing to put up with orneriness. You might reach the place where you have so much offered to you that, at one time, evoked fear in you, that now you’re just numb to it, that you might not be totally sensitive. But you do not need to worry. You will never lose track of these two points of vibrational relativity between you and YOU. You will never lose track of that.
You said, “Abraham, thank you.” Someone else did it. You say it often. And we always want to say, don’t thank us, you’re doing all the work. You’re born into this experience. You’re out here like pioneers on the leading edge. You’re sifting through the data. You’re concluding the new desires. You’re giving birth to the new desires, which we are turning our undivided attention to, yes. You could thank us because we never give up on you if you want. You could thank us because we never stop knowing who you’ve become. You could thank us because we never stop offering the vibration and beating the drum of who-you-really-are. But everything is about what you are doing. You’re the ones exposing yourself to the contrast; you’re the ones that are molding it through your solar plexus; you’re the one that knows what you don’t want, so you know what you do want—you’re the ones that are molding the clay. And now, you’re the ones who will feel yourself into alignment with who-you-really-are, you see.

So, think about the fullness of your question. You said, “Abraham, thank you,” which really means, “Abraham, thank me.” And then your question said, “Will I come into subsequent life experiences knowing about my Guidance?” And we say, you’re knowing about it now. You’re knowing about it now.

Q: It took me a long time to get there.

A Well, the good news about that is, every time you weren’t there, you wanted to be there more. [True.] And that counts for a lot. In other words, do you know that the sicker you are, the weller you want to be? (And the weller the Nonphysical part of you is?) The sickest people you know, right now (cough, cough), in their physical form, are the wellest in terms of who they have become. Does that make sense to you? Because they’re sick; they want to be well. They’re sick; they want to be well. They’re sick; they want to be well. But even further, they’re sick; they want to be well; their Inner Being is. They’re sick; they want to be well; their Inner Being is. They’re sick; they want to be well, their Inner Being is. They’re sick; they want to be well—their Inner Being is… And the sicker they are, the weller they want to be, and the weller they want to be, the faster their Stream moves—and the faster their Stream moves, the sicker they feel if they’re not moving with their Stream. (Isn’t that good?) Don’t you love putting that all together? Doesn’t it help you know that you can’t get it wrong and you can’t get it done? It’s not ever going to be done.

So, when you say, “It took me a long time,” we say, maybe, but that’s still an upstream thought. When you say, “But I got there,” we say, good for you—that’s a downstream thought. “But, it took too damn long,” that’s an upstream thought. “But I made it. I now get it,” that’s a downstream thought. “But what about my next life?” upstream thought. [I’m planning.] “What about my next life?” And we say, just understand that you know it.
Don’t you love the evolution of your environment? Jerry and Esther, someone called and said, “Take a look at your new book (The Law of Attraction). It is moving up the Amazon list.” The day the book was launched it was at like 70, it had been there for a couple of weeks. And then, on the day that the book was launched, it moved up to 39, and then 38, and then 37, and then 36. They were getting hourly updates. And, then it made a big jump. And then it moved into slot #3. And someone said, “The other books that are around it on these best-seller lists, those people have been on television all week long. And this book, which has not been announced in any public forum—there it is. There it is, right up there in that powerful position. People are wanting this.” Now, don’t you think that is remarkable? The first book in first place was written about something that’s going on in national politics (the first two books are those two books), and here is a book about deliberate creation that is written from the standpoint of Nonphysical Perspective, in order to help you close the gap—and it is a best-seller in the nation.

And the reason that we’re saying that to you is because we want you to understand that this stuff that 10 or 15 years ago was so leading-edge that Jerry and Esther carried it around with Gone With the Wind covers on it (Fun!), now, is out there in front of everyone. When you walk into any bookstore in the country, it’s on the front table face up. In other words, nothing that ever becomes ever slips back.
So, the answer to your question is, it will be much easier for the next generation, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. In other words, you all have no longer forgotten your vibrational relativity between who-you-are and who you are. And you’re blabbing it all over the place. You’re telling it to your kids.

Jerry and Esther get emails every day, “I handed an intro tape to (former President) Bill Clinton while I was at a meeting the other day. I handed your entire set to Oprah (Winfrey) the other day.” In other words, people all over the world are handing this to people in influential places. None of them have to understand any of it in order for your life to be better. But the fact that everybody’s talking about it, and everybody’s reading about it, makes it logical that it will not be so hard for you to find next time.

Q: Thank you.

A: It’ll be on the front table when you’re born, next time. (Fun!)”

Abraham Hicks, 2006

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