You can BE or DO or HAVE anything that you choose


“If there were ever a way for you to understand that Source exists, it must be in your emotional awareness because if there were not someone keenly interested in you and holding a vibrational frequency about you, then you could think anything you want and you would feel no vibrational variance. That’s really something to think about.

When you feel negative emotion it always means thesame thing: you’ve got a different opinion about this than Source has about this and that’s something else we really want you to hear: Source does have an opinion about this and this and this and this now, now, now, now, now.

Source adores you. When you’re mad at yourself, you’ve got a split going on, there’s a gap widening.
Source adores the people of this planet. When you carve out a section of them and hate them, you’ve got a rift going on between you and Source. You will never be able to be in alignment with Source when you hold hate in your heart because of some condition that you can’t control.

As you get to know Source better through your awareness of what it feels like to be in alignment you can learn in a matter of days how Source feels about everything that is active on your Planet today.

You can just give it the emotional test. When you think a thought and you feel love, you can know Source is in agreement with this thought, and when you think a thought and you feel fear, you can know Source is not anything close to an agreement on this thought.

So once you get clear about what this emotional guidance system is, then you can get on with what you’ve come to get on about, then you can be the deliberate creator, you can BE or DO or HAVE anything that you choose because you’ve got this backup.

Abraham Hicks, San Francisco, CA 07/19/2014

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