You're alright

“Your singular work is to make as certain as you can at any moment in time, that you’re ALRIGHT, that you’re alright. However you have to work it around in your mind to make yourself alright, then the ideas start flowing, and the fun starts happening, because the expansion is inevitable. You are expanding so rapidly, you don’t even know it. You’re missing out on so much of the fun of your own expansion.
But when you’re conscious, cognitive, aware in every moment that it’s alright, that it’s alright, now the richness of the idea, the tapestry of the world, the comments of the people, the beautiful aspects of so much that is around you, you’re realizing, realizing, realizing, realizing…
When you KNOW for sure that it’s ALRIGHT, that you are surrounded by intentionality and intelligence and clarity and unconditional love, then being brave isn’t a factor because there’s nothing to be afraid of; and being smart isn’t a factor because you have access to infinite intelligence; and being at the right place at the right time doesn’t matter because you always are in the right place at the right time, then you begin living as you were born to live.”
Abraham Hicks, Canary Island Cruise 09/21/2014


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